Presentations about KI

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If you will represent Karolinska Institutet, you can use a number of PowerPoint presentations, brochures and a film about KI.

Communications and Public Relations Office is responsible for producing presentation material on KI. Contact our graphic designer if you need help with the production of presentation materials.

Printed information material about KI

You can order printed material, for example, an information brochure, annual report, education magazine, the writing "from cell to society" and other printed matter with facts and information about KI.

Power Point

A PowerPoint presentation with basic information about KI is available for download. The general presentation is available in Swedish and English.The presentation contain updated statistics of the 2016 Annual report.

General presentation about KI

Usage of the presentation

If you like to look through the presentation only, click on the link to the right and then choose "Open." If you want to save the file locally on your own computer, select "Save". Please note that the presentation is revised and updated on a regular basis why it is a good idea to download a new version when you need it.

Film about KI

A short film about KI was produced in 2007. The length is about 3 minutes and it can be used in different ways.

Streamed version with web browser

You can watch or embed the introduction via Karolinska Institutet's Youtube-channel: