Postponed introduction of the ISP system

Published 2018-03-05 10:51. Updated 2018-03-06 10:36Denna sida på svenska

The introduction of the ISP system, a digital tool for individual study plans for doctoral students, will be postponed. The delay is due to late delivery of the system from the developer and a need from the project to verify processes and flow before introducing the system at the departments. New schedule for the introduction will be presented as soon as there is a timetable for the introduction. 

Who will use the system?

Main users will be doctoral students, supervisors, directors of doctoral studies and educational administrators.

Access requirements

When the ISP system is introduced supervisors and doctoral students contact the administrator for doctoral studies at their department for access to the system.

Note that following requirements have to be met by the prospective doctoral student in order to be granted access to the ISP system:

  • The applicant must have approved eligibiltiy to doctoral education, both general and specific entry requirements.
  • The principal supervisor must have obtained green light for the doctoral project.
  • The principal supervisor must have attended and passed the web course for supervisors for doctoral students at KI.


More information about the ISP system is available at the system webpage.

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