Physiology and Pharmacology Departmental Day

Published 2017-06-14 10:48. Updated 2017-06-14 11:03
Hakan Westerblad. Photographer: Charlotte Brandt
Hakan Westerblad. Photographer: Charlotte BrandtHakan Westerblad. Photographer: Charlotte Brandt 

On June 1, the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology had a Departmental Day focusing on the forthcoming relocation to Biomedicum.

From sceptical to overwhelming

Head of Department Håkan Westerblad started the meeting by admitting how he has gone from being rather sceptical and scared to overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the Biomedicum project. “I can see that it’s really going to be good for us, I am pretty sure about that. I am so impressed by all the groups that have been involved so far, and that everything, that at first seemed so chaotic, now seems to come into place. It’s going to be great”, Håkan added before introducing Project Leader Kerstin Lundin.

Kerstin Lundin. Photographer: Charlotte Brandt

Kerstin presented the project organization, the key to pull all pieces together, and how the different groups in the project work, in order to get an overview of the entire project. Many of the groups have rotating chairs, and so does the Chairmen´s team. From July 1, 2017, Håkan Westerblad will become the next Head of the Chairmen´s team. 

The present and the future

To prepare staff for the relocation, Elisabet Stener-Victorin, Jorge Ruas, Anna Krook and Mattias Carlström informed how the five departments in Biomedicum will be placed in quarters and laboratories. Anna and Elisabet mainly talked about Course Labs, Mattias about animal facilities and Jorge about behavior facility. 

The move to Biomedicum implies new ways of collaboration, however for the moment, the main focus lies on the actual relocation.

Five departments, and over 1000 people, will be moving into the new 65 000 sqm building, and this requires a lot of planning. Magdalena Koistinen, external moving coordinator at White Arkitekter AB, and responsible for the relocation logistics, has been planning the relocation in detail together with the relocation coordinators from each department. On the Departmental Day she held a short presentation of what has been achieved so far and what is yet to come. During the autumn she and her colleague Sarah Jonsson Norling will meet with every department and hold information sessions both in English and in Swedish. 

A little bit of everything in the end of the day

The Head of Administration at Fyfa, Eva Gipperth, urged everyone to take the opportunity to go through and start throwing away all that is not going to be moved to the new building.

Inger Johansson spoke about the Doctoral Studies at Biomedicum. Students will come closer to one another and the administration will work together across departments.

Ulrik Eriksson and Eva Palmer, from the Facility Management team, spoke about the future working environment and how the Facility Management in Biomedicum will benefit everyone.

The meeting ended with a session of Q&A’s followed by dinner.