Over 300 visited mock-up house exhibition

Published 2016-06-17 13:27. Updated 2017-02-21 09:52

“Are there enough fridges and freezers?” “Great that localized ventilation system is an option.” “Storage space is not enough – we need more shelves.” “Will the lab benches be height adjustable?” “It will be too noisy with open work spaces.” These were some of the questions and comments left by staff visiting the exhibition in the Biomedicum mock-up house in May.

"There are options, and some tailored needs can and are meant to be met. A lab bench can be replaced by an extra fridge for instance, and if the research group does not like the idea of a running shelf between desks, this can be removed", says Pontus Aspenström, recently appointed Head of the Department of microbiology, tumor and cell biology and a former chairman of the Biomedicum Researchers’ team.

Many questions evolved around the possibility to influence final layout of labs and office spaces. The general answer is that there are options but as these are not standard they will not be included but must be especially ordered and paid for. To some extent this can be arranged before moving in.

"We envision that all specific needs will be discussed in the planned cross-departmental workshops following the decided placing plan later this year", says Christer Höög, the current Chair of the Chairmen’s Team, soon to hand over the Chair to Pontus Aspenström.

Much lighter in real building

While the mock-up house to a large extent is a realistic replica of general labs and office spaces in Biomedicum, the overall feeling is quite different as the mock-up house is a lot darker than the actual building with its glass façade and mainly bright interiors. Also, some furniture and other details in the mock-up house are not completely the same as in the real building, or simply one of several options to choose between. As for furniture and storage, the architects’ floor plan is laid out according to standards of what can be fitted and what usually is needed given the available space.

All in all over 300 persons from the five Biomedicum departments took the opportunity to visit the mock-up house exhibition at one of the 20 available slots in May. For these occasions the house was equipped with information posters and, not least, there were guides present to answer questions but also to pick up questions and comments. It is very valuable for the Chairmen’s team as well as the Heads of Administration team and the Researchers’ team get ideas and comments from staff. 

Comprehensive task matching different needs

A new, large complex as Biomedicum is not possible to adjust to individual needs in too much detail, but must be modelled according to a few standards, resting on the general leading ideas of the building. These have been laid out by the Chairmen’s team and, to some extent, the architects together with the project team. However,  [A poster exhibition adds extra information to the mock-up house.] ideas and views have early on been collected through several surveys to all research groups, technical and administrative staff and the Researchers’ team has played and will continue to play a vital part in the process.

The most frequent questions and answers are available in a document below. If you have a question that is not answered, please e-mail biomedicum@ki.se

Text: Camilla Magnusson  Photos: Stefan Sirborn