Opportunity to recruit PhD students, postdocs and guest researchers supported by China Scholarship Council, extended deadline

Published 2017-09-27 12:57. Updated 2017-11-12 21:26Denna sida på svenska

Karolinska Institutet has since 2015 an agreement with the China Scholarship Council (CSC). The purpose of the KI-CSC partnership is to further enhance KI’s presence in China and to facilitate KI’s collaborations with Chinese higher education institutions.

Under the KI-CSC agreement, KI is entitled to receive up to 5 visiting researchers (current support at SEK13,000/month for 3-12 months), 20 post-doctoral fellows (SEK13,000/month for 6-24 months), 30 doctoral students (SEK12,000/month for 6-48 months), and 5 master degree students (SEK12,000/month for 12-24 months).

KI representatives will participate in the CSC Recruitment Fairs 2017 held in Beijing in October. KI researchers who wish to host CSC scholarship-funded visiting researchers/students are welcome to submit a one page intent of hosting (see template on the KI-CSC website) before October 5 to KI academic coordinator for China doc Nailin Li and KI international coordinator for China Dr Katarina Drakenberg. These pieces of information will be listed at the CSC website prior to the upcoming CSC Recruitment Fairs. In addition, KI researchers can also apply for CSC scholarships for visiting researchers or post-doctoral training at Chinese universities.

Please note that the level of CSC stipend to fulltime doctoral students and postdocs is lower that the established minimum levels at KI. This means that potential supervisors need to top up with either a complementary scholarship or by part time employment. Read more about minimum income levels for doctoral students and for postdocs.

CSC is a non-profit organization affiliated to the Ministry of Education of China. The mission of CSC is to support and facilitate international education and research exchanges of China. The organization supports both outbound and inbound exchanged students/researchers, and distributes approximately 85 000 scholarships per year. CSC has formal agreements on exchange programmes with more than 300 universities around the world. These CSC partner universities include Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and MIT, as well as KTH.

Information about opportunities to recruit doctoral students, postdocs and guest researchers supported by China Scholarship Council is found on the  website of the KI-CSC programme

Further information and contact:

Nailin Li, KI academic coordinator for China, 08-51773996, E-mail: Nailin.Li@ki.se

Katarina Drakenberg, KI international coordinator for China, 08-52486365, E-mail: Katarina.Drakenberg@ki.se

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