Ongoing projects at the IT Office

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Coordinated IT operations, Office365, a new system för ID control and authorisations (IDAC) as well as the networks are some of the major projects the IT Office is working with.

Coordinated IT operations

The Coordinated IT operations project will introduce sweeping changes to central IT management at KI in order to give more active support to its core businesses by offering simpler IT operations and IT environmental stability. The delivery of basic infrastructural services (storage, client management, network, etc.) is underway for the Campus Syd departments and has begun for Biomedicum.

Project Manager: Maria YouMore about Coordinated IT Operations

Microsoft Azure and Office 365 for employees and PHD students

The IT Office is currently in dialogue with Microsoft for implementing the architecture needed in order to use the services Azure and Office 365.

We have gotten questions regarding these services for departments, research groups or staff/PHD students, but ordering these services is not possible just yet.

Planned offering of Azure at KI

The ITO is planning to offer the departments a wide range of choices regarding the services included in Azure. By designing a decentralized solution that still is joined for the whole of KI, we are hoping to facilitate the follow up of used services and costs for each department.

At the moment, KIB and Odonten are evaluating the design.

Planned offering of Office 365

In the first phase of the project, we are planning to migrate the e-mail management to Office 365 in order to secure stable and secure operation as well as the possibiliy of larger storage. In a next step we will activate the possibility to download Office for private usage for KI's staff and PHD students. Note that students already have access to Office 365.

In the second phase of the project we will evaluate the services and functions within Office 365. Please get back to us with your feedback on the software!

We are planning on finishing the migration of the e-mail management during 2018. After that we plan on activating the download for personal use as well as starting the second phase with services and functions within Office 365.

If you have any questions regarding Azure or Office 365 or if you want to be part of evaluation the services, please contact Project Manager Johan Eklund.

Office 365 for students

Network upgrades on both KI campuses

The ITO is modernising KI’s network infrastructure by installing a new network on the Solna and Flemingsberg campuses that will enable the prompt and effective management of large data volumes (e.g. research data). This will not only enhance performance but also improve security and protection against hacking. The new network will be gradually phased in on both campuses.

Project Manager: Susanne Magnusson.

Integration platform

The KIIP integration platform is now in production and will support the integration of KI's systems and applications. Applications can range from Legacy On-Premise applications, IaaS and PaaS-based applications, to more and more SaaS-based solutions. Integrations should be possible between internal systems within KI and external partners.

Based on the different needs, different integration scenarios can be distinguished. An explicit goal in KI's integration strategy is to use Microsoft Azure components wherever possible. The many possibilities in Azure are an important part of KIIP's ability to achieve flexible integration between different types of systems.

Current approved integration technologies:

  • Api Service (https / rest)
  • Web Service (SOAP)
  • Azure Api Management
  • Azure Service Bus Service Relay
  • SFTP File Transfer
  • Service Bus Queues / Topics

The integration needs between systems can be divided into different scenarios depending on in which organizational unit the parties to integrate belong to, which party produces and consumes data, what information class data has and possivle technologies.

Project Manager: Ulf Morgell.

Identity control and authorisations: IDAC

Many people at KI have more than one role and work at more than one place. For them to be able to access the IT system, KI needs an authorisation tool based on both roles and attributes. 

The current tool, KIMKAT, is based only on organisation, which means that a name search in the metadirectory can bring up a person with several organisational affiliations with no indication of where they are primarily employed or affiliated. The new platform, named IDAC, is due to be delivered in 2019.

Project Manager: Pernilla Hulth.