News article

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All news articles that you create will automatically appear in the news archive for your site.

You can also list news articles in a promo list, see the section promo list - news article.

Create a news article

Go to the menu and select Add content/News article.

Here you complete the fields you need for your news article.

Headline – Heading

Image – If you select an image here, it will be placed in the beginning of the news article. It should be at least approx. 750 px width. It will also appear as image in automatically created news promos, see this section.

Tags – Choose from the list.

Publish on – Choose site.

News type – News is the default setting. Do not change this setting if you do not work in the communications department’s press office.

News category – Select from the list, e.g. research.

Profile reference – By entering the name of a person here you will see the current news in a news list on the person's profile page.

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