New PhD students at Neuro

New students at the Department of Neuroscience.

Autumn term 2018

Kadri Pajo
Subcellular signaling involved in information processing in the brain – a modeling investigation
Supervisors: Jeanette Hellgren-Kotaleski, Anu G. Nair, Karima Chergui

Johanna Stergiadou
Function of visuomotor circuits in space and action
Supervisors: Andreas Kardamakis, Konstantinos Meletis, Sten Grillner

Spring term 2018

Carina Plewnia
Dopamine dysregulation syndrome and obsessive disorders in Parkinson’s disease: modeling and mechanisms
Supervisors: Gilberto Fisone, Antonello Bonci, Marco Pignatelli

Laura Heikkinen
Fight hub: Origins, architecture and modulation of aggression in the hypothalamus
Supervisors: Christian Broberger, Emanuela Santini

Maëlle Bertho
Molecular and functional organization of excitatory interneurons in locomotor networks
Supervisors: Ole Kiehn, Lotta Borgius, Peter Löw

Nicholas Judd:
Brain and cognition in working memory and mathematics
Supervisors: Torkel Klingberg, Rita Almeida

Roksana Khalid:
Probing the depths of the mind: Identifying the role of persistent subplate neurons of the cerebral cortex
Supervisors: Christian Broberger, Paolo Medini

Sophie O'Kane:
Multisensory mechanisms of full-body ownership: functional magnetic resonance imaging studies
Supervisors: Henrik Ehrsson, Tie-Qiang Li

Autumn Term 2017

Frederick Elberling:
Long-term molecular and behavioural outcomes of neurodevelopmental insults
Supervisors: Sandra Ceccatelli, Stefan Spulber, Konstantinos Meletis, Johan Lundberg

Elliot Glotfelty:
Roles of Nogo receptor signaling in microglia, focus on inflammation and synaptic plasticity
Supervisors: Lars Olson, Nigel Grieg, Tobias Karlsson, Yu Agnes Luo

Hans Sperup Brünner:
Control of attention – The role of basal forebrain cholinergic system
Supervisors: Marie Carlén, Hoseok Kim, Gilad Silberberg

Spring Term 2017

Carmen Fourier:
Resolving the role of genetics and circadian rhythm regulation in cluster headache
Supervisors: Andrea Carmine Belin, Caroline Ran, Dagmar Galter, Lars Olson

Johanna Frost Nylén:
Role of cholinergic circuits within striatum – biology and simulation
Supervisors: Sten Grillner, Jeanette Hellgren Kotaleski, Gilad Silberberg

Charles Petitpre:
Neuronal diversification in the cochlea: focus on the enigmatic type II neurons
Supervisors: Francois Lallemend, Saida Hadjab, Konstantinos Meletis

Moritz Weglage:
Dissecting the opioid system in reward and mood disorders
Supervisors: Konstantinos Meletis, Arvind Kumar, Per Svenningsson

Autum Term 2016

Irene Pallucchi:
Brainstem behavioral streams controlling the versatility of motor actions
Supervisors: Abdel El Manira, Francois Lallemend

Karin Pernold (lic):
Development, validation and implementation of a novel platform for assessment of small rodent’s behaviors
Supervisors: Brun Ulfhake, Velmurugesan Arulampalam, Rochellys Diaz Heijtz

Anna Tokarska:
Characterization of a novel subpopulation of Chrna2-expressing striatal interneuron
Supervisors: Gilad Silberberg, Jens Jerling Leffler

Alvin Brodin:
On the formation of lasting memories: Characterising the engram and its regulation by nogo receptor 1
Supervisors: Tobias Karlsson, Lars Olson, Emma Arvidsson

Spring Term 2016

Zhi Qi Chia:
A claustrum connector for the insular and cingulate cortices
Supervisors: Gilad Silberberg, George Augustine

Filipa Bouçanova da Silva:
The role of monocarboxylate transporters in the peripheral nervous system
Supervisors: Roman Chrast, Enric Domènech-Estévez, Abdel El Manira

Robin Johan Pronk:
Understanding the signaling pathways regulating human neuroal stem cells
Supervisors: Anna Falk, Klas Blomgren, Ronny Falk

Elias Uhlin:
Human iPS cells for clinical application
Supervisors: Anna Falk, Malin Kele

Bianca Migliori:
Steering and monitoring neural and glioblastoma progenitor differentiation with bioelectronics
Supervisors: Ola Hermanson, Ana Teixeira, Per Uhlén

Autumn Term 2015

Jik Nijssen:
Analysis of motor neuron and muscle communication in health and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis using a human in vitro system
Supervisors: Eva Hedlund, Rickard Sandberg, Qiaolin Deng, Ole Kiehn

Annie Möller:
Prefrontal stimulation in mice and men
Supervisors: Torkel Klingberg, Marie Carlén, Rita Almeida

Spring Term 2015

Karen Butina:
Bacterial sensors and controllers based on organic bioelectronics
Supervisors: Agneta Richter-Dahlfors, Peter Nilsson

Antje Märtin:
Molecular and functional neuroanatomy of mood disorder circuits
Supervisors: Konstantinos Meletis, Rickard Sandberg, Jonas Frisén

Manideep Gupta Vemula:
Stepping in locomotion and posture: organization of neuronal mechanisms
Supervisors: Pavel Zelenin, Tatiana Deliagina, Ole Kiehn

Matti Lam:
Neural stem cell self-renewal and differentiation
Supervisors: Anna Falk, Jonas Muhr, Ana Texiera, Julian Walfridsson

Haohao Wu:
Genetic specification of sensory-motor circuits
Supervisors: Francois Lallemend, Abdel El Manira

Autumn Term 2014

Abdulkarim Zakaryah:
Limb ownership and voluntary action: human behavioral and neuroimaging studies
Supervisors: Henrik Ehrsson, Fredrik Ullén

Svava Steiner:
Intra- and inter-organ communication in pyelonephritis and urosepsis
Supervisors: Agneta Richter-Dahlfors, Annelie Brauner, Keira Melican

Ourania Tzortzi:
Optogenetic dissection of reward and addiction circuits
Supervisors: Konstantinos Meletis, Gilberto Fisone, Johan Franck

Joel Edin:
Conductive materials for neuroregeneration
Supervisors: May Griffith, Agneta Richter-Dahlfors

Spring Term 2014

Jakub Lewicki:
Transcriptional regulation of neural stem and pediatric tumor cell characteristics
Supervisors: Ola Hermanson, Bertrand Joseph

Niten Olofsson:
Paying attention to emotions: Detailed characterization of TRN circuitry in cognition using cell-type specific tracing and stimulation techniques
Supervisors: Marie Carlén, Konstantinos Meletis, Anders Lansner

Robert Lindroos:
The role of dopaminergic and cholinergic modulation on the striatal network – a computational investigation
Supervisors: Jeanette Hellgren Kotaleski, Sten Grillner, Konstantinos Meletis

Gianvito Arpino:
The mechanism and the role of clathrin-independent endocytic pathways in synaptic vesicle recycling
Supervisors: Oleg Shupliakov, Ling-Gang Wu, Lennart Brodin

Anders Lundin:
Functional in vitro models of human neuronal and astrocyte interactions
Supervisors: Anna Falk, Anna Herland, Gabriella Brolén

Gabriella Smedfors:
Molecular and genetic regulators of lasting memories.
Supervisors: Anna Josephson, Tobias Karlsson, Lars Olson, Andrea Carmine Belin

Matthijs Dorst:
Quantification & elucidation of the pallidal microcircuitry
Supervisors: Gilad Silberberg, Per Uhlén

Autumn Term 2013

Bernardinelli Giulio:
Interaction of DNA structures with immune cells and tissues
Supervisors: Björn Högberg, Ana Teixeira,Maria Lindskog, Andreas Nyström

Masini Débora:
Non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease: modeling and mechanisms
Supervisors: Gilberto Fisone, Predrag Petrovic, Alessandra Bonito Oliva

Deuitch Lora:
ABC transporter and inflammatory marker expression in drug-resistant epilepsy
Supervisors: Jan Mulder, Robert Innis, Matthew Hall, Tomas Hökfelt

Guyon Nicolas:
Contribution of the thalamic reticular nucleus to the cortico-thalamo-cortical pathway
Supervisors: Marie Carlén, Konstantinos Meletis, Karl Deisseroth

Ährlund-Richter Sofie:
Investigation of white matter plasticity in the adult brain
Supervisors: Marie Carlén, Jonas Frisén

Spring Term 2013

Benson Erik:
DNA based biomaterials for plasmonics, imaging and signal studies
Supervisors: Björn Högberg, Olle Inganäs, Ola Hermanson, Andreas Nyström

Conti Mirko:
Effects of excess glucocorticoids on neural progenitor cell fate: Long-lasting consequences of adverse prenatal factors
Supervisors: Sandra Ceccatelli, Per Svenningsson, Stefan Spulber

Johansson Yvonne:
The role of astrocytes in depression
Supervisors: Maria Lindskog, Konstantinos Meletis, Lennart Brodin

Kawa Lizan:
Development of anxiety disorders post exposure to a mild blast traumatic brain injury
Supervisors: Mårten Risling, Tomas Hökfelt, Denes Agoston, Ulf Arborelius

Shahsavani Mansoureh:
Using reprogramming to dissect mechanisms causing neurodevelopmental disorders
Supervisors: Anna Falk, Ernest Arenas, Anna Herland

Wisén Niclas:
Mental hälsa (stress och stresshantering) i internationella militära insatser
Supervisors: Giorgio Grossi, Mårten Risling, Ulf Arborelius, Göran Kecklund

Shreyas Suryanarayana Mysore:
The role of the basal ganglia and its input from thalamus and pallium in the control of brainstem motor centres
Supervisors: Sten Grillner, Peter Wallén, Brita Robertson, Jeanette Hellgren-Kotaleski

Autumn Term 2012

Aileen Gracias:
Molecular and epigenetic characterization of neural and glioma-derived stem-like cells
Supervisors: Ola Hermanson, Tobias Lilja, Bertrand Joseph, Peter Nilsson

Anette Fransson:
Drug-based therapies for auditory trauma
Supervisors: Mats Ulfendahl, Mårten Risling

Charalampos Antypas:
Biomimetic devices to study biofilm infections
Supervisors: Agneta Richter-Dahlfors, Mikael Rehn

Ferenc Fördös:
Fluorescent- and protein-labeled DNA structures for studying cell signaling and cellular uptake
Supervisors: Björn Högberg, Bengt Fadeel

Mattias Günther:
NO och peroxynitrit-medierad skada vid experimentellt CNS-trauma
Supervisors: Tiit Mathiesen, Mårten Risling, Stefan Plantman, Caroline Gahm

Shaohua Xu:
Amyloid precursor protein trafficking and processing in synaptic nerve terminals
Supervisors: Lennart Brodin, Oleg Shupliakov

Spyridon Gkotzis:
Structure and role of polymicrobial communities in pathology:
Supervisors: Klas Udekwu, May Griffith, Andreas Nyström, Rochellys Diaz-Hejtz

Susanne Nichterwitz:
Identification of pathways of degeneration and protection in motor neuron disorders
Supervisors: Eva Hedlund, Staffan Cullheim

Tim Arentsen:
Early-life programming of later-life brain and behavior: On the role of innate immune molecules
Supervisors: Rochellys Diaz-Heijtz, Hans Forssberg

Xiaofei Li:
Development and potential of spinal cord stem cells
Supervisors: Fanie Barnabé-Heider, Jonas Frisén, Ole Kiehn


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