New members in the Biomedicum team

Published 2018-02-15 13:28. Updated 2018-02-16 13:51

Johanna Bylund and Lotte Brandt recently joined the Biomedicum team.

Johanna Bylynd, Project Manager

Tell us a little about yourself?

Portrait of Johanna Bylund

– I have been working part time as a Communications officer at the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society (NVS) for six months and as a Coordinator at the Aging Research Center (ARC) for four years. At NVS, my main focus was the intra web and to develop the internal communication. I was also a support in the general communications work and a sounding board. In my role as Coordinator at ARC, I was the main editor for our website and our internal newsletter. I managed the production of our biennial report, and I coordinated different events like our board meetings, staff days, and open house gatherings. 

I have a background in organizing scientific programs for medical congresses, such as the annual European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology meeting and the biennial congress for European Society of Ophthalmology. I have a bachelor degree in media and communications science.

What will you be working with more specifically from now on?

– My main assignments will be to help plan, organize and carry out the inaugurations of Neo and ANA8 at Campus Flemingsberg and Biomedicum at Campus Solna and to give communication advice and be a support to managers/project leaders/working groups.

The new buildings, and the research and education that will take place there, are important to KI and to the development of the medical field in general. I look forward to contribute and support the staff in making the opening ceremonies events to be proud of, and to mark the start of a new way of facilitating collaboration, and innovative and modern medical laboratories.

On a more personal level I look forward to the challenge and personal development, and to work with so many interesting co-workers, making a difference for human health.

Lotte Brandt, Communications Officer

What is your background?

Charlotte Brandt smiling

– I joined Karolinska Institutet in May 2017 and have been working as a Communications Officer at FyFa, Neuro and LIME, assisting the departments with their internal and external communication. In December I was asked to join the Biomedicum team to help further develop the website and communication channels used in the project.

Before coming to KI I worked as a Digital Marketing Coordinator at the Stockholm School of Economics, as Adminstration Manager and webmaster at Berättarministeriet (a nonprofit organization) and before that as an Executive Assistant both in the business sector and in the film industry.

What are your main areas of responsibility?

I will be working very closely to the Facility Management Organisation during the entire relocation process and will assist them in developing and updating information for the website. I will also be producing news for the Biomedicum Newsletter of which I am the new editor. The aim is to help make to move to the new premises as smooth as possible, by providing as much information as possible in the right channels.

I am thrilled at the idea of a building where researchers from different scientific disciplines will be able to work together under one roof and pursue groundbreaking research. The many features included in Biomedicum will not only facilitate the interaction between researchers from different departments but also with students and other persons working in the building. I am looking forward to a new era!