New Ladok and how it affects doctoral courses

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The Ladok's study documentation system was in November 2017 replaced by a new Ladok system. This is part of a national project that covers most of Sweden's higher education institutions.

What is new?

New Ladok means one system for all educational levels, instead of two separate ones. It is web based, with a modern navigation and interface and largely self-explanatory. A big difference to the previous system is also that it is open to many more users, for example students (including doctoral students) and examiners.

What are the implications for doctoral courses?

Some major changes:

  • All courses will have a course occasion in Ladok..
  • Each course participant will register on the course occasion in Ladok after admittance. The registration period for course participants in Ladok will be set by default in relation to the start date of the course (one week before course start until two days into the course). 
  • The teacher may do the reporting him/herself directly in Ladok.
  • The examiner will approve in Ladok.

System integration with KIWAS

Following the introduction of new Ladok we have implemented a system integration for transferring admission data from KIWAS to Ladok. For this to work out, KIWAS has to be used for admission. Exception is made for courses within research schools and for admission to course vacancies after the application period.

The examiner - a new user

Just like before, an examiner must be appointed for each course. Appointed examiners should be included in the department's list of examiners.

With the new Ladok there are no longer archive lists to be checked and signed. Instead, the examiner conducts this approval directly in the system. All examiners must therefore go through a web education to get access to Ladok and be able to approve the reported grades. Access to this is assigned by the department's Head of administration (AC).

New routines when changing department

A change of responsible department for a syllabus will mean that a new syllabus (new course number) is needed. Just like before a new syllabus is also needed when there is a change of credits or major changes of a title. If a course is given alternately by several departments, one syllabus per department is needed.


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