Neo work environment and safety

The department you belong to have rules and regulations that you should normally consider. The following instructions applies because your workplace is located in Neo.

This page will be updated with information about common processes when they are decided.

General safety

Reporting accidents and narrow escapes:

Heart starters

Important phone No's

Chemical safety

Classification and labelling of chemicals

How to carry out risk assessments - KLARA

Work in fume cupboards

Fire safety

Fire safety manager and representatives

Hazardous hot work

Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

Radiation safety

Every research group at KI that wish to carry out work with radioisotopes needs an internal KI permit. All group members involved in work with radioisotopes has to participate in a mandatory introduction course.


GMM (genetically modified microorganisms) is defined as "a micro-organism, in which the genetic material has been altered in a manner that would not occur naturally through mating or natural recombination". The gene modification must not necessarily have been integrated in the genome, or constructed in the user's own activities. GMM work is divided into three different classes, F-, L- and R-activities. GMM work is divided into three different classes, F-, L- and R-activities and before starting with such work a permit from Arbetsmiljöverket is needed.

Risk assessments have to be carried out for work with microorganisms, GMM and human material and should be available in the lab where the work is carried out. Use preferentially the BARA form: