Neo steering- and workgroups

Neo steering group

Eric Westman, NVS, Senior lecturer division of Clinical geriatrics (chairman year 2018)
Maria Eriksdotter, NVS, Head of dept.
Ulla Cronfalk-Hernlund, NVS, Head of admin.

Karl Ekwall, BioNut, Head of dept.
Lennart Nilsson, BioNut, Deputy Head of dept.
Thomas Tinglöv, BioNut, Head of admin.
Martin Bergö, BioNut, Professor

Eva Hellström Lindberg, MedH/HERM director
Klas Karlsson, MedH, Head of admin.
Mikael Ryden, MedH, Professor unit for endocrinology and diabetes

Matti Sällberg, LabMed, Head of dept.


All protocols from the Neo steering group can be found here


House group

Chairman: Johan Dethlefsen

House council

Chairman: Thomas Tinglöv

Work environment group

Chairman: Håkan Ottosson

Work environment and safety