How do I report a problem or make a suggestion? Mail to:, or
Can we use the skybridge to access Novum? We have collected Novum key-card numbers for those who need access to Novum and will ask Hemsö to give access to the Novum card reader.

IT / Network

I need more than two IT connections Send a message to
I cannot connect to the network Contact your normal IT support.
My telephone does not work Contact your normal telephone support.
How do I print?

If your computer is migrated you use the Ricoh printers, which are not yet operational. For non-migrated PCs/Macs (BioNut), see the following instructions:

Instruction for PC

Instruction for Mac

Access card

My KI-card does not work Contact
I cannot lock my furniture Contact Inger Moge (BioNut), Anette Eidehall (NVS) or Sri Sahlin (HERM).

Common rooms and offices

How do I a book a meeting/seminar room? Instructions (pdf)
Will there be AV-equipment (projectors/screens) in the meeting rooms? Yes. Whiteboard + projector or screen.
List of preliminary dates.
Are the conversation rooms (silent rooms) bookable? No
Will there be screens in the conversation rooms? No
How do I get extra or different office furniture? Information about such needs will be collected after the move is complete and we have settled in.
Where should I hang my clothes? Lockers will soon be in place at the entrances at floors 6,7 and 8, as well as in the locker-rooms on floors 7 and 8.
It is difficult to know where things/people are. Signs are being manufactured and will be in place in a few weeks.
Will there be curtains? Yes
Can we control the sunscreens? The automatic operation of the sunscreens, whose main function is to reduce energy waste, has been turned off on the south and west sides on floors 6,7 and 8 (they cannot be managed separately).


When can we start working with biological material?  

We can start laboratory work with the exception of GMM (Genetically Modified Microorganisms). Cell lines that are not GMM (have not been created using genetic engineering) can be used without any permit. 

  • GMM includes cell lines, transformed bacteria and yeast.
    We now have a common permit for all research groups in NEO (GMM-F anmälan)
  • To do virus work, a GMM-L permit (GMM-L anmälan) is required.
    The application to work with virus at floor 8 is ongoing.
    As soon as it is granted each research group has to make their own application(s) using the simplified application form “ L-A  Anmälan av ny GMM-användning”, Arbetsmiljöverket.
    We expect that it will take several weeks before we have permission to work in the virus lab at floor 8.
    Meanwhile, you can use the virus lab at Novum floor 4 (Old HERM). 
Will there be guidelines for work in, for instance, cell/tissue culture rooms? Yes
When are -80C freezers going to be placed in respective floors? Gradually after the move is complete.
Who will be responsible for common equipment? We will have to set up a partially new organization for this. 
How do we handle hazardous waste? For the time being we work according to the instructions in Novum.