More lab interior pictures in construction site update

Published 2016-12-16 13:19. Updated 2017-02-21 10:01

The labs in A Block are the closest now to completion on the Biomedicum site. The interior furnishings have been divided into two deliveries, with the fixtures (i.e. whatever is to be installed or screwed to a wall) coming first. The laboratory section will then be completed with smaller fittings, such as tables, desks, etc. This final phase has not yet begun. The workforce is now being increased so that work can be done on B and D blocks simultaneously.


  • Cleaning façade after the fire.
  • Masonry work on façade of air intake tower. 
  • Remaining casting of roof track for façade cradle.
  • Ground work between Biomedicum and KMB.


  • The first final clean up has begun of A Block. Clean-up operations started on level 6 owing to the fire, and have now also begun on level 7 (at time of writing).
  • The lightwell is now being completed with the installation of the sound-absorbent ceiling.
  • Handrail installation in the stairwells.
  • The final plastering work on level 9 of C Block in the BSL3 space.
  • Installation of steel sections in stairwells.
  • All installations in all quarters.
  • Sävar is assembling furnishings.
  • The painters are painting …

Culvert under Solnavägen

Work on the culvert under Solnavägen between Biomedicum and BioClinicum is due to commence in February 2017, with estimated completion in January 2018.

Source: Akademiska Hus Photos: Stefan Zimmerman