Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowships

Upcoming MSCA-IF 2019 Call opens 2019-04-11 and closes 2019-09-11. See below for support.

A fellow can apply for one fellowship. A principal investigator (supervisor) can apply for several fellowships with different fellows. 

Types of fellowships 

1. European Fellowships (EF):

  • European Fellowship – Standard (EF-ST)
  • European Fellowship – Career Restart (EF-CAR)
  • European Fellowship – Reintegration (EF-RI)
  • European Fellowship – Society and Enterprise (EF-SE) – must apply with non-academic sector as host.

2. Global FAdd contentellowship (GF)

Documents and guidelines 

will be published after the call opens 11th April 2019. 

Support at KI for the upcoming 2019 MSCA-IF Call

1. Information Seminar
With the MSCA-IF fellowship, you can do a postdoc either within Europe with a 2-year fellowship (European Fellowship), or outside Europe (2 years) with a mandatory 1-year return phase to Europe with the 3-year Global Fellowship. In this information seminar we will introduce the different types of Individual Fellowships, provide information on the political aspects of the program and also present the support provided by Grants Office.

Invited speakers are Sweden’s National Contact Point for MSCA, Erik Litborn from VINNOVA and KI Career Service’s Career Program Manager, Anethe Mansén.

The seminar will be given at both Campus Solna and Campus Flemingsberg. Please register for the seminar coffee & buns will be served. 
- Campus Flemingsberg - Tuesday April 16th, 15:00 – 16:30 , Room “4F Takterassen”, Alfred Nobels Allé 8
Campus Solna - Wednesday April 17th, 10:00 – 11:30 Room: Biomedicum 2/D0351

2. Bootcamp
The MSCA-IF Bootcamp is a 1+2 day workshop offered to applicants who apply with KI as your Host Organization. In the workshop we break down detailed parts of the award criteria and also discuss how to set up your proposal with KI as your host. Both fellows who apply themselves or PIs recruiting a fellow can attend the Bootcamp. The idea of the Bootcamp is that Day 1 around mid or end of May gets you started, you write the proposal during the summer and then come to day 2+3 during mid-end of August to polish the details.
Details and dates for the 2019 IF-Bootcamp will be published around the call's opening in April 2019.
3. Proposal Feedback
If you would like feedback on your proposal, please attend the Bootcamp. If you are unable to attend the Bootcamp, contact 

Time line for the IF-2018 call

  • Deadline: September 12, 2018
  • Evaluation results have been sent out to applicants during February 2019
  • Signature of Grant Agreement/contract: end of March 2019
  • Awarded proposals at KI will be announced after Grant Agreement is signed. 

Apply with other organizations as your Host:

If you are applying for MSCA-IF with another institution as your Host, make sure their country is eligible for funding in the 2018-2020 Work Program and contact your PI at that institution and also their Grants Office for advice and necessary information. EURAXESS is a good portal to find offers where organizations publish job offers and their expressions of interest in hosting IF fellows.

Apply with KI as your Host:

If you want to apply for MSCA as a fellow with KI as your host, or as a Principal Investigator recruit a fellow, both the fellow and PI must be identified. As a fellow you must have a Principal Investigator at KI who is willing to host you. Grants Office can help you provided that your PI and Department at KI will support you since the project needs co-financing at KI. For this reason we require that you fill in the KI application assurance, signatures are required from the PI; Head of Department (Prefekt) as well as the Head of Administration (AC). Send the signed PDF to Leave the original at your department’s economy unit for registration and archive.

Budget and co-financing

The budget and needed co-financing needed at KI are explained on page 2 of the KI Application Assurance. 

The budget depends on whether the Researcher (fellow), at the time of deadline, has family charges according to the H2020 context. The budget is pre-set by the European Commission and does not need to be calculated. Please note that the EU budget is including taxes and social charges which will be deducted, as well as income tax. 

Family is defined as persons linked to the researcher:

  1. by marriage
  2. by a relationship with equivalent status to a marriage recognised by the legislation of the country or region where this relationship was formalised
  3. as dependent children who are actually being maintained by the researcher

European Fellowships at KI

Co-financing needed is approx. 300 000 SEK.
EF Budget with family at KI:  €203,852
EF Budget without family at KI: €191,852

Global Fellowships at KI

If you are applying for Global Fellowships with KI as Host Organisation, you will go to a Third Country (Countries that are neither EU Member State or Associated Country) for the Outgoing Phase, meaning the institution in the Third Country will be Partner Organisation. Please contact your supervisor and research support office at the Third Country for administrative details and also for a Letter of Commitment. You are obliged to return to KI for your Return Phase.

GF Outgoing Phase USA, return Phase to Sweden/KI: co-financing needed is approx. 390 000 SEK.
GF USA/Sweden, Budget with family: €265,059
GF USA/Sweden, Budget Without family: €247,059

Submission instructions

Will be published after the call opens in April 2019.

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