Mandatory - Electronic research documentation

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Electronic documentation has been discussed for a long time at KI as a way to increase traceability, transparency and information security in research documentation. On this page you can follow the process and transition to electronic research documentation

Mandatory - what does it mean?

From 1 January 2019, it will be mandatory for KI researchers to document their research electronically in KI approved systems, such as KI ELN. The decision has been taken by the vice chancellor on June 20th, 2017, after discussions in the Board of Research and in the group for all Heads of departments (prefektgruppen).

Why electronic research documentation?

Electronic research documentation increases traceability, transparency and information security, and makes it easier to follow the rule for Research Documentation at KI:

  • Research results become searchable,
  • Automatic backup,
  • Increased information security,
  • Can be used to improve dialogue with PhD students,
  • Reduces the risk of cheating and corruption.
  • Responds to increased demands for transparency from financiers and journals.

Is it only KI ELN that can be used?

No. In the decision, it is mandatory with electronic research documentation as such. If a department or research group can show that another system meets centrally-defined requirements, it can be used. The advantage with KI ELN is that it is pre-approved.

What happens now?

During the autumn of 2017 and throughout 2018, all departments will be offered assistance with the transition to electronic documentation, such as demonstrations of KI ELN and workshops where documentation and data storage are discussed.