Liquid nitrogen

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Liquid nitrogen is a colourless, odourless and a tasteless liquid with a boling point of -196 °C. The gas is non-toxic and does not burn, but there is a risk of the oxygen in the air being displaced - which can cause oxygen deficiency. The low temperature means a risk for cold-burns. 

Handling of liquid nitrogen carries the risks of accidents and ill-health. In order to limit the risk of injury, a written risk assessment with handling and safety instructions, should proceed the handling.

Work involving liquid nitrogen may only be carried out by those who have adequate knowledge of the chemical and the potential risks that handling and use entail, togehter with how these risks can be avoided. The immediate manager should ensure that employees who handle liquid nitrogen are aware of the risks and have been informed about local handling and safety instructions that have been drawn up.

The immediate manager should always carry out a risk assessment before work involving liquid nitrogen  begins.

Read more in Rules for handling liquid nitrogen.



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