Ladok e-learning course for teachers and examiners

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An e-learning course for teachers and examiners, who will report and sign grades in the new system, is available. The course is intended for teachers and examiners at all educational levels.

New user groups

Karolinska Institutet introduced the new Ladok system in mid-November 2017. The new system opens up for new users as teachers, examiners, supervisors and students.

In the new system, teachers will be able to report results directly in the system and examiners will sign grades in the system. To be authorised to use the system, as a reporting teacher and/or an examiner, you have to take the mandatory e-learning course.

Access to the course from the Head of Administration or Educational Committee

Information with instructions and link to the e-learning course has been sent to all heads of administration as well educational and programme committees, they are responsible for distributing the course link to those who should attend to course.

All examiners must take the e-learning course, but it is up to each department to decide which of the teachers who shall have the authority to report results. An administrator can, just like today, report results instead of a teacher.

Already permission to use the new system? 

If you have passed the previous e-learning course in result management for the new Ladok-system, and have received permission to use the new system, you do not need to pass this new version of the course. The result report process is unchanged, however the interface has changed some in the new version of the system. You will therefore get access to a manual for the new Ladok-system.