Ladok closed during 6-19 November

Published 2017-09-05 09:32. Updated 2017-11-20 08:28Denna sida på svenska

While the new Ladok system is being implemented, KI’s present Ladok system will be closed. From November 6, it will not be possible to register any new information in Ladok, only to log in to view existing information. Starting November 13 the system will be closed entirerly. The new system opens on November 20, the new student interface opens the following day on November 21.

“It is important that everyone adapt their activities and operations to Ladok being closed during this time. Make sure you register what information you can before it closes, or wait until the new system is open,” advises Juni Francén Engdahl, project manager for the introduction of the new Ladok system.

During 6-19 November, you will not be able to:

  • enter or manage registrations and non-completion of studies
  • report results
  • enter decisions, such as admissions, degrees, approved leave from studies, transfers of credits, suspensions or expulsions from studies

The new Ladok system at KI

All Sweden's universities that currently use Ladok will change to the new Ladok-system. The new Ladok system will be introduced at KI in mid-November 2017. 


Systems manager

Juni Francén Engdahl

Organizational unit: Studieadministrativa enheten


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