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KLARA product database is owned by "KLARA ekonomiska förening" (KEF), which consists of more than 20 organizations (universitys, colleges and county councils), which together manage the joint ownership of the database. The software is owned by Nordic Port (NP), which on behalf of KEF operates and develops the features of the database. The database contains information and safety data sheets for the chemical products that are registred in the database. If you have any ideas for improvements or new features of KLARA, you´re welcome to use this form.

There are different kinds of access/profiles in KLARA:

  • Administrator ("Kemikalieombud", often one at each department)
  • Inventory taker (one or more in each research group/unit)
  • Risk assessment (anyone who needs)
  • Reading rights (for example a common group access)

KLARA permit is always personal (except group shared reading rights) and you are not allowed to give out you login information to others. To obtain a login to KLARA you should contact the departemental chemical representative (Kemikalieombud, see list under Documents) or the central Chemical Safety Coordinator Ulrika Hallgren. To get a login as inventory taker you need a signed delegation from your closest manager, read more about that.

In KLARA it is possible to:

  • Search for information of chemical products in the product database (about 40,000 items)
  • Keep chemical register and make inventories
  • Take out lists and reports
  • Conduct risk assessments
  • Read instructions

All employees and students at KI campus (with the correct IP address) have access to the product database, where  information and safety data sheets for chemical products can be found. To reach the product database from another location a login to KLARA is required. For login  please contact Ulrika Hallgren alternatively the departemental chemical representative (see list under Documents).



Ulrika Hallgren

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 866 79
Organizational unit: Miljö och säkerhet
E-mail: ulrika.hallgren@ki.se