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At the beginning of each year, all research groups at KI have to perform a mandatory chemical inventory in KLARA product database. The inventory is open for about 4 - 6 weeks and the purpose of the inventory is to update the chemical register. To keep the registry up to date is important from a safety and environmental point of view.

Before working with chemical registry - and before working with the inventory - you should have participated in the course " KLARA chemical inventory". This is to minimize the risk of errors in the registry and database, and to learn what is important to consider during the inventory as well as learning about important functions in KLARA.

The course is offered each year in conjunction with the annual inventory and invitation is sent out to all departments in good time before the course starts. You can read more about this course on the page "Education and courses via the Security- and Environmental unit". The course is offered in both Swedish and English and in both campus Solna and campus Flemingsberg.

Login to KLARA chemical database is provided by KI's central chemical coordinator and KLARA system administrator Ulrika Hallgren or by the departments chemical delegate (kemkalieombud). A written delegation for chemical inventory is required in order to get a login for inventory. The KLARA database provide manuals/instructions you should use when working with the database.

Important to remember at the annual inventory:

  • All research groups that belongs to KI shall keep their chemical register and perform their inventory in KI:s KLARA database, also if you work in Karolinska sjuhusets premises. There are exceptions, however, and for questions about these cases contact Ulrika Hallgren.
  • When the inventory is open (information is sent out via email to all departments and KLARA users) you will copy last year's inventory (as well as all the "purchases") with amounts to current year.
  • Next step is to compare the register with what is kept in cupboards, cabinetts and shelves and to update the register with respect to products and quantities. Record these as "inventory". Products and amounts that have not changed since last year, you do not have to do anything with (they are already "inventoried"). It is important that you delite products from your register that you no longer have (see Guide under Documents)!
  • Beside "inventory", all flammable products have to be registered with "Max storage". "Max storage" is the maximum amount of a product kept in the facilities throughout/part of the year. If you for instance in January order 100 L (the entire annual consumption of the year) of ethanol, 100 L is "Max storage" for ethanol. To find out what products that have to be registered with "Max storage", you can make a list/report from KLARA of all your flammable products (for example solvents and gas cylinders). "Max storage" will be copied at each inventroy and do not need not be changed/updated from year to year.
  • All chemicals must be registered, not pharmaceuticals and drugs (different legislation). In some cases, a drug can be sold both as a drug and a chemical and then it's just the product sold as a chemical that should be registered.
  • Antibodies and proteins do not need not be registered, unless they are mixed with chemicals (eg, sodium acid that is commonly used as a preservative).
  • Cell media and buffers should be registered.
  • Kit must be registered.
  • All gas tanks/tubes must be registered.
  • Ensure that buildings and premises are correct in the database and that the rooms are labelled with the right room number.
  • The inventory amount is the amount shown on the flask/package/container (it doesn't matter how much you have left in the bottle/container). Therefore, never weigh or measure quantities!
  • For products that are on the list "KI annual use" (you can make a list in KLARA) to find out what products) you have to record "annual use". Annual use refers to the calendar year, ie January to December. Either you calculate and records all "annual use" in the end of December - or you do it in conjunction with the inventory. But then you have to go back to last year (it is easely done at the start page, just select the year in a "drop down menue" under the departments name). To keep track of annual consumption it is an idea to record "purchases" for these products (ie products available on list "KI annual use" ) every time you get a new supply. "Purchases" are summarized in KLARA and when substracting purchases with inventoried amount, you get a value on what you consumed during the year (=annual use).
  • When you are finished with the inventory click "Done" button. It means you 're done with inventory in all your premises (the whole group/unit ), you can not click "done" room by room.



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