KI Internal Process for Strategic Grants for Internationalisation, STINT

The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT) is currently inviting Swedish university leaders to apply for Strategic Grants for Internationalisation. With Strategic Grants for Internationalisation STINT will contribute to the renewal and development of internationalisation strategies at university level. The programme is aimed at the university leadership. Applications should incorporate strategically important internationalisation initiatives which also utilise the experience and dedication of individual leaders in their field at each university. Each higher education institution may participate in up to two applications per call.

The KI internal prioritisation process

This call requires a KI internal prioritisation process as the applications must be submitted by the Vice-Chancellor. The prioritisation of proposals from KI is done by the Strategic Council for International Affairs and the final selection is carried out by the Vice-Chancellor. 

Closing dates

To enable an internal prioritisation before the STINT deadline (April 10, 2018), the process is divided into two steps:

  • Submission of pre-proposal (deadline February 15, 2018)
  • Submission of full application (deadline March 27, 2018)

The pre-proposal and full application are sent to no later than the specified dates above.

Submission of pre-proposal

  • Summary, clearly addressing the criteria of this call and a budget including the necessary co-funding (max two A4 pages). Clearly state if it is an ‘individual application’ or a ‘joint application’ in accordance with STINT’s call text.
  • Pre-proposal form signed by the head of department and head of administration (AC).

The guidelines and eligibility criteria on the STINT website should be carefully followed when planning and formulating your project.

Submission of full-proposal

  • Grants manager and partners (CV, max. two pages in PDF-format is required for each key person)
  • Project title, abstract (200 words)
  • Project description, max seven pages in PDF-format (minimum font size 10), clearly describing, as a minimum: How the project relates to review criteria A – D (see STINT's webpage); Objectives in relation to research and higher education; Contribution to and from each project partner; Project plan with work packages, indicators, milestones, budget and goals; Risk analysis; Available resources.
  • Participating persons, stays, events and budget data
  • Funds requested or received from other financiers

Please note that STINT will be giving a seminar March 7 2018 on the Strategic Grants for Internationalisation 

STINT - Strategic Grants for Internationalisation



Elisabeth Hedström

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 875 07
Organizational unit: Grants Office

International coordinator

Johanna Ackemar

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 867 89
Organizational unit: Faculty Office and External Relations