KI ELN demo films

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Here you find short demo films describing different parts and functions, for example how to create or upload a document or sign in as a user in KI ELN or how to create a project as a superuser in ElnAdminWeb.

The demo films are in English.

The films can be found in KI play, click here to see the films.


KI ELN - for users

Log in, see your profile, and download BIOVIA plugin

Create a new experiment

General information about sections

Body Text section

Word section

Excel section

File Attachment section

Image section

Lock information and Submitt experiments

Invite others to work in my experiment (collaborators)

Copy (clone) experiment

Create, optimize and use templates

The organisation of ELN (library) 

Search for information in ELN

Email Reminders

ElnAdminWeb - for superusers

Log in to ElnAdminWeb

Add or remove users

Create and administrate projects

Experiment type