KI ELN coordinator and support

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We who are responsible for KI ELN are two ELN coordinators at Grants Office, and a bunch of people at the IT department.

ELN coordinators

Nina Gennebäck and Cecila Björkdahl Martinsson work at KI Grants Office and are responsible for answering questions that come in via the ELN coordinator e-mail. They focus on user support to researchers and how to improved the work with research documentation at KI and KI ELN. For example they can answer questions about the key functions and are reached at the ELN coordinator e-mail or phone (Cecilia Martinsson Björkdahl).

ELN coordinator

08 - 524 872 65 (Cecilia Martinsson Björkdahl)

ELN support

ELN support consists of staff at the IT department and they are responsible for the technical operation and maintenance of KI ELN.

It is the ELN support that adds new user accounts and groups and in KI ELN.

ELN support