KI ELN access and support

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Note, to be able to log in to KI-ELN you must first have a user account.

If your computer is outside of KI's network you need to login to VPN before accessing KI-ELN (or downloading the program). Read more about VPN.

Web client compatible software

When using the web client, the following browser, operative systems and Microsoft Office packages are recommended.

Please remember to double check with the below recommendations before upgrading your computer.

If you have a Mac we also recommend that you turn of the automatic upgrading of software.


  • Mac OS 10.10/10.11 (not High sierra)
  • Safari 9, 10 and 11
  • Firefox 45-51 (52 does not work with the plugins)
  • Microsoft Excel and Word 2011/2016
    The latest security update for Microsoft Excel 2016 (release date 2018-01-16) is NOT compatible with ELN: 16.9 or 16.9.0


  • Windows 7 and 10
  • Firefox (32bit) 38 or higher
  • Internet Explorer 11 or higher
  • Internet Explorer Edge does not work with ELN since it´s an "app-version" of a web browser and not a complete web browser
  • Chrome (32bit and 64bit) 53+ or higher
  • Microsoft Excel and Word 2010/2013/2016

Chemistry programs

  • ChemDraw 14 and 15
  • Marvin Sketch 16+ (Windows only)
  • BIOVIA draw (contact the ELN-coordinator for access to the software)

Downloadable client

If you have a PC you can also download a KI-ELN client to your computer. This is done by clicking on the link below. If you are sitting outside of KI’s network you first need to log in via VPN. Unfortunately, the client cannot be downloaded on Mac.

Download the KI-ELN client

Remote desktop

If you cannot or do not want to install the downloadable client on your computer, you can access it via KI's appcenter. Find out how to do this in the user manual.

The layout in the Remote desktop version of ELN looks a bit different, it is however the same ELN. A manual for this version of ELN can be found here.

VPN - using ELN outside KI

To use ELN when travelling, from home or anywhere outside the KI network, you need VPN.
(VPN is not avaliable for masterstudents)

KI ELN Support

If you have any problems with KI-ELN, please contact your superuser for first line support.

Contact the ELN coordinator if you have questions about or problems with and ELn and its functions.

ELN coordinator

08 - 524 872 65 (Cecilia Martinsson Björkdahl)

To send in yor applciation or for additional thechnical help, contact ELN-support.

ELN support

KI ELN Backup

KI-ELN is run by the central IT-department in accordance with KI requirements for IT-security, and regular backups, as often as once every hour, is set up for the KI-ELN server.

KI ELN System maintenance

In order to carry out maintenance of the server and other components, or when necessary to upgrade the system, a maintenance window has been scheduled for Thursdays between 19.00-22.00. Due to this KI-ELN might not always be available during the specified time. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope for your understanding, since the planned maintenance window is used in order to avoid unforeseen stops and other problems.

Before any major changes and upgrades, information will be sent out to all KI ELN users.

Next upgrade
The next upgrade to ELN 2018 will take place in February/March - information will be sent out to all ELN users well before the upgrade.