KI Conferences will close down 2018

Published 2017-12-21 13:17. Updated 2017-12-21 13:20Denna sida på svenska

The seminar concept KI Conferences will gradually be closed down during next year. Seminars and conferences that have already been approved as KI Conferences in 2018 will still receive the grated support by the Communications Office and the conference service Akademikonferens, but no further applications will be accepted.

KI Conferences started in 2011 in order to improve graphic design and marketing of scientific seminars and conferences with KI as the main organiser. The seminar concept has been administrated by the Communications Office, with formal approval of selected seminars and conferences by the Dean of Research. In recent years, however, it is Akademikonferens that has managed practicalities together with the arranging researchers.

The decision to close down KI Conferences is taken in the light of the fact that many of the seminars and conferences at KI today employ Akademikonferens at their own expense - and thus receive professional support without the additional administration required within the KI Conferences concept. Applications to organise a KI Conference have also decreased considerably in the last year.

The Communications Office intends to support seminars and conferences at KI in other ways in the future, preferably events targeted towards the general public or of strategic importance for KI as a whole.