KI Access cards in ANA 8

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The access card is important in order for you to work in ANA Futura. You must have your access card visible at all times in the ANA Futura premises!

You will need the access card in order to:

  • access any of the floors (both via footbridge and lift A).
  • work in certain special laboratories.
  • enter our meeting room.
  • access certain personal containers in the office assigned to you, which are locked using the card.
  • enter your office.

Please note:

  • If your card has a barcode on the back, it must be replaced.
  • If you are employed at the hospital and affiliated with KI, you must have a KI access card in order to enter the premises of ANA Futura. The hospital access card will not work.
  • If you are new and need an access card and access to the premises of ANA Futura, contact the administrator at your department.
  • If you need help coding the boxes which are locked by access card, contact your department; there are individuals in each department tasked with providing assistance in these matters.