IT and telephony at FyFa

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Below you will find information about IT and telephony at FyFa.

New KI login (for your KI computer, e-mail, systems and VPN)

Contact Fredrika Carlsén
Telephone: 08-524 868 78

Temporary password for KI e-mail, KI login and VPN:

KI password manager

KI computer login and e-mail does not work

Contact the central IT support at KI
Telephone: 08-524 822 22

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Use the VPN client to connect an external computer to the KI internal network. Instructions for remote access via VPN.

Wireless surfing at KI

About wireless surfing for employees and guests at KI

Information security at KI

Guidelines on information security

Purchase of computers and accessories for computers, Support for computer programs, Licenses for computer programs:

Please read the guidelines for ordering IT-equipement and software. If you have a ZZ-code you can order directly. If not, you have to let the person who has a ZZ-code in your group place the order.

Until we move into Biomedicum, you will have to collect your orders at the reception of the Administration house located at Nobels väg 5.

Contact the central IT support desk.
Telephone: 822 22

More information on how to order computers and software can be found on the Staff portal.

Servers and connectivity

Contact the central IT support desk.
Telephone: 822 22


Contact the central IT support desk.
Telephone: 822 22

Telephony at KI

Web pages

External web pages:

FyFa external web pages

Web pages for FyFa staff

Content editor: Lotte Brandt

Telephone: 08-524 86732

IT Support

The primary task of the central IT support at KI is to provide assistance for central network services, such as e-mail and Internet access. Before contacting them, please check with the FyFa IT coordinator for help.

Telephone: 822 22

IT in Biomedicum

Find out more about IT in Biomedicum on the Staff portal