Introduction to doctoral education at KI – Expectations, support and opportunities

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All students admitted to doctoral/third cycle education at Karolinska Institutet have to participate in a general and compulsory introduction to doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet.

The compulsory introduction is intended for all newly admitted doctoral students. During the introduction, the process, the organisation, culture, and support for doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet will be presented and discussed, as well as the rights and obligations of a doctoral student. Information will also be given about Karolinska Institutet’s support functions in education and career planning.

After the introduction the doctoral students should:

  1. Know the requirements concerning careful research documentation, secrecy and data protection.
  2. Be familiar with Karolinska Institutet's expectations concerning research integrity and know what cheating and plagiarism is and how to avoid those practices.

Compulsory web courses

The introduction consists of a web-based part and one face-to-face occasion. The web-based part includes two web courses that are needed to be completed before attending the face-to-face occasion:

All questions need to be answered correctly. When you have passed a web course you will receive a course certificate. Please send both certificates to the course administrator by e-mail before the face-to-face occasion (if you have difficulties saving the certificate, print as PDF or take a screen shot). Please reserve approximately one day for finishing the web tasks.

Registration for face-to-face occasions

Registration is binding. If you cannot attend you need to cancel your registration by contacting the administrator.

Course days autumn 2018

  • 2018-09-11 - Biomedicum 3, Berzelius väg 9, Solna. Registration closed [FULL]
  • 2018-10-25 - H3 Blå, Alfred Nobels allé 23 (Zanderska huset) Flemingsberg (Huddinge). Registration closed [FULL]
  • 2018-12-11 - Rockefeller, Nobels väg 11, Solna. Registration closed [FULL]

Course days spring 2019


Last day to register: 3 weeks before the course starts.


The compulsory introduction does not entitle for any credits, but has to be completed within the first year after registration. Completing the introduction (passing the web-courses and attendance at the face-to-face occasion) will be registered in the study administrative system LADOK.

09.00 - 09.45

Expectations, support and opportunities
Susanne Frykman, facilitator (5 min.)
Dean or Pro-Dean of Doctoral Education, KI (20 min.)
Representative from KI University Library (KIB) (20 min.)

09.45 - 10.40

Group discussions on expectations and questions to the facilitator
Including coffee break
Susanne Frykman, facilitator

10.40 - 11.15

Support functions
Representative from Doctoral Student Ombudsperson, Medicinska Föreningen (MF) (10 min.)
Representative from Doctoral Students’ Association (DSA) (15 min.)
Representative from KI Career service (10 min.)

11.15 - 12.00

How to get the best out of your PhD
Robert Harris, Central Director of Doctoral Education, KI


For more information and late registration, please contact the administrator Karin Wrangö, Unit for Medical Education (UME)/ LIME

Educational administrator

Karin Wrangö


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