Internationalisation of First and Second-Cycle Education

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With the aim of improving the quality and diversity of the education at KI and in order to prepare students for working in a global labour market, KI is working for increased internationalisation of the study programmes at KI.

Examples on internationalisation of education:

  • collaboration with international partner universities
  • student- and teacher exchange
  • courses where part of the course takes place abroad
  • thesis work
  • opportunities for students to do internships
  • opportunities for KI staff to train at partner universities
  • teaching in English
  • teaching in matters related to global health
  • English language courses for teaching staff
  • joint course development with partner universities
  • participation in joint international intensive programmes/courses

Länk till Handlingsplan för internationalisering 2014-2018. (Prolonged to include 2018 by the Board of Higher Education.)


Board of Higher Education: Drafting Committee for Internationalisation

The Drafting Committee for Internationalisation prepares strategic issues related to internationalisation. The work is prioritised based on the Action Plan for Internationalisation 2014-2018. (Prolonged to include 2018 by the Board of Higher Education.)

Drafting committee members:

  • Chair and head of internationalisation, Pro Dean of Education Gunnar Nilsson
  • Teacher representatives: Tanja Tomson, Sofia Wikström and Jonas Sundbäck
  • Student representatives: MF, and Wonjung Ryu, OF
  • The head of International Relations Office and the head of the Unit for Student and career services and international coordinators from those Offices and Units

Coordinator for the drafting committee is Emma Hägg. 

The drafting committee prepares the budget for internationalisation for decision by the board of higher education. The budget, administered from the International Relations Office, includes items such as costs for travel grants for outgoing students, and funding related to the action plan for internationalisation (goal 1 & 2)  etc. Funding from externally funded mobility programmes such as Nordplus, Erasmus+, Linnaeus-Palme are also administered by the International Relations Office.

Reference group for internationalisation of education

The group meets once per semester and is chaired by Pro Dean of Education Gunnar Nilsson.

The aim is to:

  • be a meeting point for those working with internationalisation of education
  • offer possibilities for coordination and synergies regarding internationalisation
  • be a reference group for the board of higher education on strategic issues and issues for development of internationalisation.

Coordinator for the group is Emma Hägg.

Gunnar Nilsson, Pro Dean of Education, is the representative for the board of higher education in: 

​Both groups are chaired by Professor Anders Gustafsson, Dean of Research.

Administrative support/ Contact

Contact the international student coordinators, at the Unit for Student and Career services, if you have questions regarding student exchange and its surrounding administrative routines 

Contact the international coordinators at the International Relations Office if you have questions regarding exchange agreements, rules and guidelines as well as exchange for teaching staff.