International collaboration - the doctoral programme in development and regeneration

Upcoming international course

Please stay tuned for the upcoming international course organized by researchers and MDs from the departments of Neuroscience, Women's and Children's Health, and CLINTEC. This is an international exchange course between Karolinska Institutet and University of Toronto with guest lecturers also from universities in Hong Kong via the Ming Wai Lau Centre for Reparative Medicine ( In addition to the lectures, workshops, and clinical visits, networking to enhance the interactions and relations between the universities is an important part of the course. The lectures will take place in Inghesalen (campus Solna) Monday-Friday 9-12. The demonstrations in the afternoons will include visits to the IVF and neonatal clinic at the new hospital as well as demos of cutting edge technologies, such as 3D bioprinting. More information can be found here.


Joint doctoral course

Information about our joint doctoral course with the Mayo Clinic: “Regenerative Medicine: Principles to Practice” 


Matera Alliance

The Matera Resolution was drafted in April 2016 by an inaugural group of advocates to create a strategy and develop recommendations to improve the evidence base and applicability of drug trial results to women in real world settings. Recent research evidence and the various activities launched with different stakeholders, including regulatory and funding organizations, journal editors, government agencies, industry and patient sectors are discussed. For further inquiries, please contact: Karolina Kublickiene 

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Other collaborations & contacts

CIHR Institute of Gender and Health - Dr Cara Tannebaum