Instructions for Ladok administrators regarding the Joint Doctoral Programme in medical technology

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New doctoral students are registered in Ladok at both universities. Contact Ladok support for the relevant registration code.

Forms: Following forms are unique to this programme: Application for admission to doctoral education, Individual study plan, protocol at half-time seminar.

Courses only need to be registered in Ladok at one of the universities.

The accreditation of courses taken at another university other than KI and KTH is registered by the home university.

The half-time review is registered in Ladok at both universities.

The activity registration is divided between KI and KTH. If full-time study, 50% activity should be registered at both universities.

Approved thesis defences (i.e. awarded a passing grade) are registered in Ladok by both universities. A copy of the defence transcript is sent from the home university to the partner university.

Note that students must have Ladok extracts from both universities to obtain full course details.

For further information, please contact at KI or at KTH. For other questions, please contact Karin Vågstrand at KI or Fredrik Häggström at KTH.



Karin Vågstrand

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 863 14

Administrative officer, School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health, KTH

Fredrik Häggström

Phone: 08-790 97 22


Doctoral education