Important information about excess laboratory equipment

When moving to Biomedicum you may not want to include all equipment. It is important that excess equipment is dealt with in the right way since Karolinska Institutet is a public authority.

Here is a short check-list with guidelines to follow:

  • Please make a list of all equipment that will not be taken to Biomedicum by your group.
  • Please contact the the financial officers at your department to find out if there is a value registered in the financial system. The dialogue with your accountant should continue until the process is finished.
  • The equipment should first and foremost be used within KI. Hence, please publish information about your excess equipment on Medarbetarportalen via this link Fill in and send the form I have lab equipment to sell/give away.
  • If no one within KI is interested and the ad has been published for 2-3 weeks on Medarbetarportalen, it is ok to sell it outside of KI. The price should then be set at market value. Please contact the financial officers at your department for advice.
  • If equipment is sold to an employee within KI, the price must be set at market value including VAT.
  • Equipment that is useless and without value can be discarded.
  • Please observe that decisions about giving away equipment cannot be taken on group level, since permission from the government is needed.