Image management in Drupal

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Here's how to upload images on a page and how you label and replace images.

Click the media/image icon in the toolbar. Here you can either upload new images or search for images already in the system.

Locate existing photos in Library

Always start by searching for existing photos by clicking on View Library (all files on the entire site) or My Library (my files) before you upload an image. You can choose to only display images and also type in keywords.

Select an image by clicking on it and then clicking the Submit button.

Upload an image

  1. Click on the image/media icon on the toolbar
  2. Choose “upload a new file”.
  3. You can now locate the image on your computer and click Upload and Submit.

Next you will have to complete a number of fields:

Name - enter a name of the image here. The name is searchable for other editors, so be sure you enter a descriptive label.

Alt - text that can be read by a speech synthesizer. Brief description of the image.

Title text - Caption, visible below the image. Here you can state the photographer/image agency so it is visible to the visitor + a caption of course.

Photographer - Always enter the name of the photographer here, not visible externally.

Description - Enter a description of what the picture represents, for searching purposes. State here whether the image may only be used by, e.g., a department, or whether the image may only be used on a limited scale.

Copyright - State if applicable

Tags - state predefined tags

Place the image on the left/right

In order for image placement to work optimally on all screens you need to change the placement as follows:

  1. Insert the image on the page by following the steps above.
  2. Now select the image and set right, left or adaptive image from the drop-down menu.
  3. If you choose adaptive image, ensure that the image is in a separate paragraph for best result.

NOTE! You should not do this under “Image properties”.

Edit image size

  1. Double-click on the image and select Image properties to resize.
  2. Specify the size by changing the Width/Height.
  3. The padlock next to the dimensions should be closed in order to maintain the proportions.

Note that the picture itself retains its original size, you just alter how it appears on the page.


If you want to change the caption, double-click on the Image, then select Advanced. Change the text in the "Title"-field.

Note. You're only changing the caption on the page you're editing.

Delete or replace an image

Delete an image

If you want to remove an image from the system - for example, if the rights to it has expired, do like this:

  1. Click on the tab File List of My workbench and locate your image.
  2. Click Delete.

Note that you can only delete images you have uploaded. The same principle applies to documents.

Replace an image

If you want to replace an image with another, for example if you have received a more recent portrait photo to be used on all pages, do the following:

  1. Go to the File List of My workbench, and find the image you are replacing.
  2. Click on edit and then Replace file.
  3. Upload the new image.
  4. The old image will be deleted from the system.

Image sizes and format

The system scales your images to the appropriate size. However, the result is not always perfect. If your image is too small, it does not work at all. If you have a very large image, the system zooms in the middle of the image.

When you upload images, they need rarely be wider than 750 px. Always save the images for the web before uploading them.

Here are some pointers for the image format:

Body About 750 pixels for full-width images. Sometimes you want an image that is not full width where you place text around the image so you can add the format you want. It can also be adjusted by double-clicking on the image.
Landing page At least 1600 px (2000 at the most) in width and approx 600 px in hight.
Promos The size is dependent on the promo you intend using. The minimum recommended size should be at least 403x269 pixels in order to produce a good quality appearance with all promo sizes. If the promo should not be used as a 1/1 large image-promo, it is sufficient with 294x197 pixels.
Promo banner The image must be at least 294 x 197 px.
Promo slide The image must be at least 960 x approx 400 px
Profile page The image on a profile page should be at least 150 x 200 px.


  • Images cannot be uploaded in maximised “body” mode. As the necessary menu options appear “below the list” where you cannot reach them. If you want to avoid losing any changes on this page, click on “My files” - you will then be able to access the “Cancel” link. This will take you back to the previous step.
  • If you use an image that you have not uploaded yourself - check that it is ok to use it by reading the application area/copyright in the image's Description.
  • If possible, avoid using .gif images as these do not reproduce well on the site. This file format is really only suitable for small icons or images that have very few colours.
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