HR Office

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  • support to attract, recruit, motivate, develop and retain employees
  • payroll, travel expenses and insurance
  • leadership development and promotion of a work environment that promotes innovation and performance
  • labour law and negotiation


Head of office/HR director

Mats Engelbrektson

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 866 11
Organizational unit: HR Department

Head of unit

Peter Gustafsson

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 864 81
Organizational unit: Competence Provision Unit

Head of unit

Patrik Rosén

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 861 12
Organizational unit: Payroll Unit

Head of unit

Nikki Vagnér

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 867 19
Organizational unit: Negotiation unit


Moa Borg

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 867 30
Organizational unit: Management Support

Competence Provision Unit

The Competence Provision Unit is responsible for providing strategic and operational support to the departments throughout the process of attracting, recruiting, introducinge and retaining the best employees


  • Docent applications, including the Docent Committee office
  • Health Promotion
  • International Staff Services
  • Leadership Development
  • Recruitment of Professors and Senior Lecturers, including the Recruitment Committee office
  • Recruitment support
  • Statistics
  • Work environment and health

Claes Ola AnderssonController
Margareta Bratt CarlströmHR consultant
Anna ChristiansenHealth promotion consultant
Patrik EmanuelssonPreventive health care coordinator
Lotta FylkingHR consultant
Isabella Grasso NysäterAdministrative officer
Peter GustafssonHead of unit
Sandra HelminenLeadership specialist
Inger JanningerAdministrative officer
Karin Kylberg (tjänstledig)Coordinator
Lena LundinAdministrative officer
Maria Morin (tjänstledig)HR consultant
Hillevi NordqvistLeadership specialist
Eric Olm (tjänstledig)Administrative officer
Anette PinjemoAdministrative officer
Annika SalomonssonAdministrative officer
Martin SjölundHR consultant
Pia StenbergHR consultant
Elisabeth SvanfeldtHealth promotion consultant
Christina Westin-BohmanAdministrative officer
Anders WibergHealth promotion consultant
Jenny WiklundCoordinator

Negotiation Unit

Negotiation Unit is responsible for KI:s negotiating activities and local collective agreements.

The unit provides advice and support to the dpeartment son labor law issues, other personnel matters and in matters of reduncancy. For general questions regarding personnel matters and labor law, please contact any of Anna Däckfors, Sylvie Garnbeck or Per Hellman.

Åsa AgréusHR consultant
Catalina PacefLegal counsel
Carolina Ström (föräldraledig)HR consultant
Nikki VagnérHead of unit
Johan WidenbergLegal counsel
Jenny WärnlundHR consultant

Payroll Unit

The Payroll Unit handles payments of salaries, grants, fees etc. to approximately 5,000 persons each month. We also manage the HR system Primula. 



  • Register all sorts of salary and wage records in the HR system
  • Manage, maintain and develop the HR system Primula (client and PA web)
  • Inform and educate about salary and wage legislation and agreements
  • Inform and educate about payroll and tax administration
  • Give advice in payroll, agreement and taxation issues
  • Establish guidelines and policies
  • Handle insurance policies for visiting researchers and students, private group insurance and travel insurance policies
  • Handle pensions
  • Reconcile advances and enter deductions in the books
  • Follow up internally

Agneta AhlSalary administrative officer
Lena DyhrSalary administrative officer
Britta EklundSalary administrative officer
Ann-Christine GribeSalary administrative officer
Ida JohanssonPraktikant
Kjell-Ove LindgrenTravel manager
Märta MelcherSalary administrative officer
Charlotte OlssonSalary administrative officer
Patrik RosénHead of unit
Martin SjölundHR consultant
Ingvar SundqvistSalary administrative officer
Anette SöderlindSalary administrative officer

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