How will IDAC affect me?

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What does the new system mean for you if you’re a KIMKAT administrator, manager, staff member/affiliate or student?

KIMKAT administrators

If you’re a KIMKAT administrator, you’ll become an IDAC administrator on condition that you undergo the necessary training. Your workload will be eased as many of the steps of the KIMKAT (KKA web) system will be automated. You will retain the important task of keeping control over the people belonging to your department. It is also important that administrators are able to handle cases of exemptions or problems regarding KI-persons and their identity and access. You won’t be able to use the system until you have undergone certification.


Your responsibility will be to digitally attest affiliates and others who apply for access to certain systems. You’ll be given the login details and activation codes for new employees and will be responsible for issuing them correctly to the appropriate users. It is possible to delegate this task during e.g. holidays or other leave.


If you’re a member of the KI staff or an affiliate of the university, you’ll have access to a page where you’ll be able to see your personal data stored on the system and where you can apply for authorisations.


If you’re a student or enrolled on a course at KI, you’ll have access to a page where you’ll be able to see you personal data stored on the system.


All users currently working in KIMKAT need IDAC training, particularly administrators and managers, who will have a new and important role to play in the system. Other people working at KI will be able to get help from a user’s manual and instruction films. Before administrators and managers can work in the system, they will need to complete the mandatory training requirement. The course will be largely produced by the main project, who aims to make the system as intuitive as possible so that people can use it without extensive training.


Project Manager NIBS

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