How to get started with ELN!

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To start using ELN, you need to apply for accounts and to prepare for saving information in the system. Here is a list of things to do before logging into ELN:

1. Create Group / accounts

  • As an employee or affiliated to KI, you can access ELN, but this does not happen automatically.
  • ELN is organized by research group, so the research group leader (the PI) need to create a group in ELN and invite the users who will join the group. This is done by completing an application, which is then signed by the group leader and sent to The application can be found here.
  • The application states that everyone should be users and also who will be superusers.
  • A superuser manages ELN and creates so-called projects in the system. Information about what a superuser does is found here.

2. Create projects

How ELN is organised:

  • The information in ELN is saved in "project". A project can be compared to a folder where the information is saved and collected.
  • You can organize your project as you like, most commonly, a project in ELN corresponds to a research project.
  • You can have as many projets as you like in your group and the different projets can be populated by different group members. Therefore, everyone in the research group need not have access to all projects, the rights of access are set in each individual project.
  • Here is a description of how ELN is organised.

How to practically create projects:

  • The project is created in ElnAdminWeb by the superuser in the group, how to create projects and login to ElnAdminWeb can be found here.
  • We recommend that you create a project that is not available to save its research documentation. In this project you can save such experiments that are used to learn the system or to open it by mistake. No experiments can be removed and it is therefore good with a project where these can be saved.

3. Start working in ELN

  • After projects have been created, users can start saving information. 
  • The information is saved by writing copying text or uploading files in something called "experiment". 
  • An experiment is a blank page whose content is determined by the user, you can log everything from lab results to syntaxes and statistical calculations in ELN.

4. How to get a demonstartion of ELN

  • Open demonstartion are regularly avaliable at the Ki library, both in Solna and in Huddinge. You find the details here.
  • The research group can also book a demonstartion for the group, do to that you contact the ELN coordinator, contact details can be found below.

If you have questions, need help or want to book a demonstration, please contact the ELN coordinator:

ELN coordinator

08 - 524 872 65 (Cecilia Martinsson Björkdahl)