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The half-time review shall be carried out for every doctoral student who will be taking a doctoral degree and should be carried out two years after admission or when two years of full-time doctoral education or the equivalent has been completed.


The aim of the half-time review is primarily to check that the outcomes for degree of doctor are well on the way to being achieved. The doctoral student's knowledge in the subject of research and knowledge specific to the project shall be presented orally at an open seminar for a specifically appointed board.


The review shall, if there are no special circumstances, take place following the equivalent of two years of full-time doctoral education. The time for the half-time review is not dependent on the number of manuscripts or published articles.

What is required to conduct the half-time review?

  • At least 7.5 higher education credits of general science courses (see the “General study plan” for information regarding which courses that have to be taken)
  • The compulsory introduction to doctoral education at KI (for all doctoral students admitted after 2009-07-01)
  • In most cases: At least one annual follow-up

For students admitted to doctoral education before July 2006 who have not changed subject to medical science, the course requirement can be different. These syllabi/study plans are found at the department administration.


Application and approval of half-time review is made in accordance with departmental practice. See the department’s web page for more information regarding the application or contact the administrator for doctoral education at the department. Following applies to all doctoral students regardless of departmnet.

The half-time board

After proposal by the supervisor, the Head of Department will appoint a board consisting of three researchers with adequate knowledge of the subject, and who are independent from the project and have obtained a doctoral degree. The board, together with the supervisors and the doctoral student, shall assess the prospects of the project leading to a doctoral degree, and propose any necessary changes to the individual study plan.

Half-time summary

Before the half-time review the doctoral student should compile a half-time summary consisting of:

  • a literature review of the research field (normally about 8 pages excl. references)
  • a progress report of  (2-4 pages) the research project and the learning process in relation to the individual learning outcomes
  • a plan for the remaining doctoral education (1-2 pages)
  • reflections on ethical considerations in the project

Documents to the half-time board

The supervisors and the doctoral student ensure that the half-time board receives the documents in time, well in advance of the half-time seminar. These documents consist of:

  1. The half-time summary, se above:
  2. The doctoral student’s individual study plan, including research plan, and copies of the annual follow-up(s)
  3. LADOK-excerpt
  4. Copies of all ethical permits (both applications and permits)
  5. Publications and manuscripts, if any

The instructions for the board of half-time review and the form for half-time review (protocol) are also delivered to the members of the board.


The half-time review consists of a seminar, and a follow-up meeting.

The seminar consists of a presentation held by the doctoral student in English. The presentation shall summarise results and further planning of the doctoral education in relation to the doctoral student’s individual study plan, usually as a public research seminar and subsequent discussion.

The half-time seminar shall be public and advertised internally at KI (it is a good idea to announce the half-time review through the departments calendar).

Announce a calendar event

Follow-up meeting

After the half-time seminar, the board meets with the supervisors and the doctoral student and, if possible, the mentor, to review the progress. Together with the doctoral student, the supervisors and the mentor the following shall be discussed:

  1. plans for the remaining educational activities
  2. the structure of the supervision
  3. ethical matters

The board is responsible for that the half-time review protocol (form 5) is completed and signed by all board members. It is then sent to the Head of department/Departmental Director of doctoral education for a follow up (with regard to the content of the protocol). Should there be remarks or proposals for changes to the current plan, the written synthesis from the half-time review shall apply as a revision of the individual study plan. Revisions to the individual study plan are approved by the department's Director of doctoral education.

The half-time review is registered in the doctoral student's LADOK.

Instruction for the board at half-time reviews

The Board of doctoral education considers the half-time review to be an important check point to assess the prospects of the project leading to a doctoral degree.

An instruction for board members has been written in order to elucidate what the task comprises, which documentation that is to be reviewed prior to the seminar as well as which aspects that need to be assessed.

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