Guide to install Eduroam for Android phones

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Follow these instructions for connection to Eduroam using an Android. Once the settings are done you will be connected to Eduroam automatically each time you are in the area of an Eduroam network.

Go in to the google playstore:

app in google play store for Android phones

Download the eduroam CAT application to your phone. You will find it here:

Eduroam app

After you have downloaded the application to your phone, open it.

Choose Karolinska Institutet from the list as shown below:

List of universities and schools - eduroam for Android

Press "Install":

Download installation file for Android

Press "Yes"

confirm installation

Fill in your KI ID ( and then your password. Same procedure applies for students.

Employee: (eg. and your password.
Student: (eg. and your password.

Press "Install":

login in for Android

Now you should be all set and it should look like this.

installation for Android complete