FyFa Relocation to Biomedicum

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General information, Q&A, useful tips regarding FyFa's relocation to Biomedicum.

Relocating coordinators at FyFa

Operations technician

Michael Elm

Phone: +46-(0)70-791 25 72
Organizational unit: Department of Physiology and Pharmacology (FYFA), C3
E-mail: Michael.Elm@ki.se

Important information about excess equipment

When moving to Biomedicum you may not want to include all equipment. It is important that excess equipment is dealt with in the right way since Karolinska Institutet is a public authority. Here is a short check-list with guidelines to follow:

  • Please make a list of all equipment that will not be taken to Biomedicum by your group.
  • Please contact the the financial officers (ekonomi@fyfa.ki.se) at your department to find out if there is a value registered in the financial system. The dialogue with your accountant should continue until the process is finished.
  • The equipment should first and foremost be used within KI. Hence, please publish information about your excess equipment on Medarbetarportalen via this link http://ki.se/en/staff/buy-and-sell. Fill in and send the form I have lab equipment to sell/give away.
  • If no one within KI is interested and the ad has been published for 2-3 weeks on Medarbetarportalen, it is ok to sell it outside of KI. The price should then be set at market value. Please contact the financial officers at your department for advice.
  • If equipment is sold to an employee within KI, the price must be set at market value including VAT.
  • Equipment that is useless and without value can be discarded.
  • Please observe that decisions about giving away equipment cannot be taken on group level, since permission from the government is needed.

Planning the move to Biomedicum

A helpful checklist for research groups moving to Biomedicum has been compiled to simplify your laboratory move. Good planning will minimize risks for entrepreneurs, laboratory staff and all other personnel as well as risks for property loss and damages to equipment and/or scientific samples. Go through the following checklist to ensure a safe and effective relocation.

Checklist for research groups

Access to the new premises

So as not to disrupt the relocation process, you will have access to the new premises at the same time as you move.

Keycard and keys

Your current keycard will be reprogrammed by KI’s security service to give you access to the new premises ahead of the move, and access to your old premises will be terminated as soon as the move has been completed.

Introduction course to Biomedicum

All personnel will need to update themselves on the rules and procedures in effect at Biomedicum ahead of the move.

A course of instruction will therefore be posted online beforehand, containing information on the rules and procedures in effect generally at KI and specifically at Biomedicum. There will also be a safety test for authorised entry to the premises.


More detailed information about IT in Biomedicum can be found on the Staff portal.

Useful tips

Artworks and exhibition items

Much of the art in the existing premises is owned by Public Art Agency Sweden, which will reclaim it well in advance of the move.

The rest of the artworks and exhibition items are owned by the departments and must be taken care of. What artwork due to be moved to Biomedicum is under investigation, although any deemed of particular value will be exhibited and placed in temporary storage under the supervision of science historian Daniel Normark (daniel.normark@ki.se). If you have any personal interest in any particular item owned by a department, please contact the relevant relocation coordinator, who will then contact the AC or head of department who decides on such matters.



How much can I bring to Biomedicum?

Your storage space at Biomedicum will depend on the nature of the workstation you have been allocated. Information about the amount of boxes per person will be distributed well in advance of the relocation.

Moving boxes

Moving boxes will be delivered to the departments mainly during Q1 2018. Relocation coordinators will book the delivery and assign a suitable place for their storage. Labels, terminal bags (special plastic bags for computer gadgets) and padding/packing material will also be delivered. Details of where to pick up your boxes etc will be distributed by your relocation coordinator. If you need boxes earlier than planned, contact your coordinator.

Labelling boxes

Each box is to be labelled with the designated label from the moving firm. Make sure to use the right colour!

color codes for labels when relocating to new premises

All labels must be affixed to the ends of the boxes (rather than their tops or sides) and are to state floor, quarter and place number clearly. To help make the unpacking of the boxes easier, you can add your name to the label, however to not write on the boxes themselves.

Who packs what?

This is up to each department to decide.


Everyone needs to take an active part in the planning and coordination of what equipment needs to be moved or not.

Some equipment may require the manufacturer to secure it for transport and/or to calibrate it etc. Such services must be arranged well in advance.

The coordination of large equipment and/or equipment needing special handling (“specialflyttar”) is to be completed in Q2 2017. There is an inventory of existing equipment that has to be kept updated. All communication concerning this is to go via the relocation coordinators who will make sure that the relevant changes are made in the Nilex database.


Items too big to fit into a moving box are to be labelled and placed conspicuously in the room for removal. Your computer screen and stationary computer are to be clearly labelled and left on your desk for crating by the moving firm. Your keyboard, mouse and other peripherals are to be packed in a special terminal bag, labelled and left on your desk.

Am I supposed to move anything myself?

Yes, your laptop and personal items such as ornaments and photographs.

More questions?

You will find more information on the Biomedicum website, under Relocation Information.

If you have any questions about the move or any other matter concerning Biomedicum, please send an e-mail to biomedicum@ki.se.