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Are you planning to arrange a doctoral course? Here is a flowchart for setting up a course - describing the process from course concept to advertising of the course in the course catalogue.

Keep in mind that most courses should be given within a doctoral programme and that contact with one or several programmes ne to be taken at an early stage.

Flowchart of the process from a course concept until advertising the course in the course catalogue.

Important requirements when you arrange courses

To arrange a course you need an established syllabus and an approved course occasion (with the exception of research schools for which a course occasion in KIWAS is not required). These are created in the course database KIWAS. Read more about the procedures at the page Course syllabi and course occasions.

You can apply for funding in various ways, depending on whether the course will be freestanding (see Applying for funding for freestanding courses) or part of a doctoral programme (see below).

See also Current deadlines.

Courses within doctoral programmes

Most doctoral courses are arranged within the framework of a KI doctoral programme or a research school

When you are planning to arrange a doctoral course, find out first whether it can be part of and financed by one or more suitable doctoral programme. Start off by contacting a programme coordinator.

Link to doctoral programmes.

Urkund anti-plagiarism system

The Board of Doctoral Education has decided to use the Urkund anti-plagiarism system for examinations in doctoral courses whenever the course director deems it appropriate. See further information at Preventing cheating.

Electronic course evaluation

Since June 2002 it has been mandatory for KI's course organisers to give their students the opportunity to offer their opinions and experiences by means of an evaluation. The evaluation is conducted online based on a general template for doctoral courses. See Course evaluation.


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