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Framtidsrådet strives to make Karolinska Institutet an attractive workplace for the students and employees of tomorrow. By collecting ideas and the opinions of co-workers and students, Framtidsrådet aims to initiate new projects that can contribute to KI being modern, dynamic and innovative.

2018 & 2019

In 2018 our theme is around "Collaboration" and 2019 is around "Community." If you are interested in joining Framtidsrådet to help shape these, please contact framtidsradet@ki.se

Past Events

Spring Mingle: Ethics & the Future 2017

Ethics Spring MingleAs KI takes ethical issues in research seriously, Framtidsrådet feels that an open discussion fully devoted to ethical issues in research is appropriate for the KI community and larger public.  

Framtidsrådet has arranged Spring Mingle for the KI community about ethical issues in research. Due to recent events regarding the Macchiarini case, KI and medical research in Sweden has seen a decrease in trust among the public.  https://v-a.se/2016/12/ny-va-barometer-macchiarini-sanker-fortroendet/

During the event we will have three inspirational talks providing unique perspectives around research ethics and following we will have an interactive mingle for all participants to continue the discussion around ethics at KI.

#TeachKI - how to make your knowledge stick - an afterwork seminar

Annika Wernerson, Dean of Education, at #TeachKIOn May 20th 2015 Framtidsrådet organized an afterwork seminar for everyone who teaches at KI, small or bigger parts. Speakers of the event were Annika Östman Wernerson, Dean of Education, and the winners of KI’s 2014 pedagogical prize Lars Henningsohn and Robert Harris. The afternoon provided am inspiring introduction on how to make your knowledge stick, followed by a get together and some finger food.

Nov2k 2014

The 20-21th of November, Nov2k 2014 will be held in Huddinge and Framtidsrådet will be there both days so that interested doctoral students, researchers, teachers and other KI staff that are interested in Framtidsrådet should be able to ask questions and contribute with ideas to us members at Framtidsrådet.

Read more about Nov2k 2014 on their web pages

Framtidsrådet attends Lärardagen

The 1st of October 'Lärardagen' was held at Solna Campus, in Berzeliuslaboratoriet (BZ), Berzelius väg 3. Framtidsrådet was there to mingle and answer questions, and as well to gather tips and ideas from teachers and other staff at KI.  There was also several workshops during they day with for example OpenLab, SE Forum and Until Further Notice between. Find out more about Lärardagen.

New members at Framtidsrådet

New members has been recruited to Framtidsrådet and the new members you can find under "members" below. Framtidsrådet is a council directly under the President of KI and as a Framtidsrådet member you’ll work with projects that are initiated and run by the members of the group. Past projects have been surveys, pubs, TEDx, debate articles and lately the KI Evolution project (Find more at "History of Framtidsrådet" below).

If you are interested, please send us your CV and write a few words on why you’d like to join Framtidsrådet. Send this information to; famtidsradet@ki.se

KI Evolution launch!

KI Evolution LaunchThe 14th of October 2013 we launched the KI Evloution project in full scale and during two weeks from this date, we distributed our postcards all over KI. Eight thousands postcards found their way to the postboxes of all employees and to the common spaces of our students. Framtidsrådet has received a huge amount of ideas and comments from staff and students at KI which will be used as an inspiration for upcoming projects. Lots of the answers we received during the KI Evolution project can be found on our tumblr.

KI Evolution pilot ending

KI Evolution Pilot EndingThe KI Evolution project started in fall 2013 all over KI, however we in Framtidsrådet have performed a pilot of the project at the Department of Neuroscience and MEB. Framtidsrådet will summarize the pilot.


Now we launch KI Evolution

Launching KI EvolutionKI Evolution is Framtidsrådets new project that will concern Youworking or studying at KI. During the fall postcards will be all over Karolinska institutet and the hospital, enabeling You to make your voice heard and tell us how you would improve KI. We in Framtidsrådet will collect your propositions, as well as making them visable on our project homepage. Additionally, we will contact and connect to the projects and independent organizations at KI already today contributing and filling the gaps where KI's resources aren't sufficient. All together, we want this to be a new game field for future development of the organization and the sevices for employees and students at KI's campuses.

Framtidsrådet at the President Installation

President InstallationDuring the president installation the 25th of January, we welcomed our new president and revealed our new project that will be visible on campus already during the spring. Framtidsrådet is directly under the president and is one of his or her councils. Together with our new president Halmsten we are launching a new project named KI Evolution. Read our installation speach.


Framtidsrådet thanks president Harriet

Framtidsrådet thanks HarrietThe 19th of December there was an official occation to say farwell to Harriet Wallberg-Henriksson for those who worked close to the president. Framtidsrådet is one of the presidents several councils and thus we were of course present to thank Harriet for the wonderful years that have been and wish her good luck with future endevours. Her gift from Framtidsrådet was a "KI Evolution" umbrella, symbolizing the appritiation we feel for her support in realizing this project in particular.

Framtidsrådet celebrates 10 year anniversary!

Famtidsrådet Celebrates 10 Years2012 Framtidsrådet reached 10 years as a council and celebrated with an alumni event where both president Harriet Wallberg-Henriksson and vice-president Jan Andersson participated. The evening began with a workshop led by associate professor Robin Teigland that focused on creating useful networks and continued with discussions of the roll that Framtidsrådet has had, has and should have in the future.


Framtidsrådet arranges the next TEDxFramtidsrådet arranges the next TEDx

5th of October 2011 the second TEDx event took off. The theme this time was "Learning to innovate – innovating to learn". Read more and see video clips at TEDx Karolinska Institutets own web page.

Framtidsrådet arranges KI's first TEDx

Framtidsrådet arranges KI's first TEDx15th of December 2010 Framtidsrådet arranged KI's first TEDx with the theme "Creativity Leading to Knowledge" and had speakers such as former president Hans Wigzell. "TED talks", where an expert or person that has achieved something extraordinary shared that knowledge during a short presentation, has become extremely popular around the world. Finally TED talks has come to KI and you can se the presentations at TEDx Karolinska Institutet.

Current Members

Project coordinator

Anneliese Lilienthal

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 867 56
Organizational unit: Unit for bioentrepreneurship (UBE)
E-mail: anneliese.lilienthal@ki.se

Project manager

Matilda Drakvingen

Phone: +46-(0)72-857 68 06
Organizational unit: Competence Provision Unit
E-mail: matilda.drakvingen@ki.se

Communications officer

Megan Osler

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 852 95
Organizational unit: Student- och karriärservice
E-mail: megan.osler@ki.se


Elisa Floriddia

Organizational unit: Goncalo Castelo Brancos group
E-mail: elisa.floriddia@ki.se


Sarah Sandoz

E-mail: sarah.sandoz@ki.se

History of Framtidsrådet

Framtidsrådet's Alumni Event
A timeline, filled with Framtidsrådet's achievements during 10 years, was created fore the alumni event. Photo: Erik Cronberg

Framtidsrådet at KI is not only active today, but has been so for over 10 years working to make KI a more attractive workplace for the students and employees of tomorrow. Due to the dedication of all members serving in Framtidsrådet during a 2-year mandate period, several projects have been conducted and are listed in chronological order below.


2018 "Collaboration" - In Progress 2010 TEDx themed "Creativity Leading to Knowledge"
2017 Ethics Mingle  2009 Debate articles
2015 #TeachKI afterwork seminar 2008 Workshop “The Challenge of the New University”
2014 Project: #TeachKI 2007 The KI pub
2013-2014 KI Evolution 2006 
The faculty pub
Carreer center proposition
Co-worker survey
2012 Alumni event and workshop 2005 
Proposition for research eductation directives
Carreer paths proposition
2011 TEDx themed "Learning to innovate – innovating to learn". 2004 Networking project

Alumni in Framtidsrådet

Adina Feldman Hanna Brauner Pamela Mazzocato
Amir Samadi Henrik Källberg Patriq Fagerstedt
André Wennersten Indira Chivukula Pierre Bodin
Anna Dahlerus Italo Masiello Ramakrishnan Balakrishnan Kumar
Anna Kågedahl Jenny Langanger Sofia Freland
Anna-Clara Hollander Jessica Cedervall Sophia Savage
Anna-Karin Rosman Johanna Andersson Terese Stenfors-Hayes
Björn Schilstrom Johanna Diehl Therese Dahlberg
Carl Savage Jonas Axelsson Tobias Karlsson
Cat Halthur Jonas Lundberg Vilhelmina Ullemar
Charlotta Hjerpe (Tenger) Lina Darmell (Rejnö)  
Charlotte Bäckström Linda Åström Wennbom  
Douglas Sjövall Maha Yakob  
Dudi Warsito Maria Sjögren  
Ebba Warén Mathew Abrams  
Emma Flordal-Thelander Mattias Samuelsson  
Emma Lindström Mette Kirkegard  
Fredrik Lindencrona Mia Lindskog  
Gunnar Schulte Mohit Aggarwal  
Gustav Edgren Nina Kaukua