Forms and documents for doctoral education

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Information about admission to doctoral education

Establishment of a doctoral position (new routine 2018-10-16)

Form: Establishment of doctoral position (revised 2019-01-10)

Form: Application for green light (revised 2019-03-15)

Decision of admission

Form: Decision: Admission to doctoral education (revised 2018-11-16)

Financing plan (revised 181016; or use a templat provided by the department)

Individual study plan

A study plan should be submitted to the KI department, not longer than one month after start of doctoral studies.

Form 3.1: Individual study plan - degree of doctor (revised 2018-08-15)

Form 3.2: Individual study plan - degree of licentiate (revised 2018-08-15)

Instruction to form 3 (revised 2018-08-15)

(Please note, an individual study plan is now established as a paper document, but a new digital ISP system will be implemented shortly).

Yearly follow-up and half-time review

Form 4: Yearly follow-up of the individual study plan (revised 2016-06-15)

Form 5: Half-time review protocol, doctoral student (revised 2019-03-15)

Instruction for board members at half time reviews

Thesis, public defence and degree certificate

Form 6: Application licentiate seminar (revised 2017-12-08)

Form 7: Examination Board's preliminary review, licentiate degree

Form 8: Licentiate degree; Decision of the examination board  (revised 2017-05-24)

Form 9: Application public defence (revised 2017-12-08)

Form 10: Examination Board's preliminary review, doctoral degree

Form 11: Public defence; Decision of the examination board  (revised 2017-11-07)

Form 12.1: Amendments of a granted application of public defence

Form 12.2: Amendments, Examination Board or opponent

Support for writing the thesis

Guidelines for writing a compilation thesis summary chapter

Information to Examination Board, Opponent and Defence Chairperson (version 2016-07-01)

Application for degree certificate for doctoral and licentiate degree

Other forms

Form 13: Application for credit transfer (revised 2019-03-15)

Form 14: Change subject to medical science/change department (new 2013-03-01)

Form 15: Application to change supervisor(s) (revised 2019-03-15)

Form 16: Reporting credit-bearing activities (revised 2019-03-15)

Form: Activity and means of support for doctoral students (revised 2016-10-26)

Other documents

Successful supervision - a dialogue facilitator

Descriptions of tasks for Directors of doctoral studies (in Swedish)

Instructions faculty representatives (lärarrepresentant) - nailing (only in Swedish)

Strategy for the internationalisation of doctoral education

Doctoral education