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This function is used when you want to create a form for e.g. an order or notification.

KI also has a tool called KI Survey that works better if you need to gather a lot of information. 

Create a form

Go to Add content and select Create Form.

Here you only complete some of the fields for your form. Now click Publish.

You can now edit the page and select Webform under the gear icon:

Insert fields

In order to create a new field in your form, type the name you want.

Then select the type of field required from the dropdown list:

Finally, choose whether the field should be mandatory or not.

Click Add.

Now you complete the fields you need for your form. E.g.:

  • Description
  • Max length
  • Width (for example, if you want all fields to be same size)

Save component.

Selectable list

In order to use a selectable list in your form, choose Select option under Type when you have created the field. For this to work in the database, you need to enter a Key-value, for example fisk_key|Fisk. See the figure below:

Upload a file

If you have selected File field under Type, you will get a different appearance where you enter the type of files you approve for uploading etc.

Save component.


Once you have finished and have created your fields you need to enter from where the form should be sent e-mail, name, etc.

Form acknowledgement

When all fields have been completed and the visitor clicks Send, you usually want to receive an acknowledgement. Here you can enter optional text and direct the client to a specific url if required.

More settings can be found under Advanced settings. Here you can enter the text you wish to link to the “send button”.

Finish by clicking Save configuration.

Link to the form

Highlight the text you wish to link to the form feature and click the linkit button. Choose the form you want to link to and click Insert link.


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