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Each research group should have a superuser

Each research group should have one or more superuser(s) (administrators), typically two superusers is enough for a medium-sized research group. Each superuser gets permission to log in to ElnAdminWeb (how to log in, see below).

What does a superuser do?

A superuser creates and manages projects within the research group, and the user rights within these projects for the group in KI ELN. Superusers can also give the right to users to create public templates within the research group. The details of this are described in the superuser manual.

It is recommended that the superuser is experienced with computers.

Changing superuser

When changing superuser, it is mportant that the "old" and "new" superusers overlap. This allows the "old" superuser to transfer the administration permissions in all projects to the "new" superuser. Unless this is done , the group risks losing administrator rights to the projects.

  1. Fill in and submit an application listing the "new" superuser.
  2. The "old" gives the "new" superuser the permission "Administrate" in all projects.
  3. The "old" superuser teaches the "new" superuser how to work in ElnAdminWeb.
  4. The "old" superuser is removed (first from the projects and then from the group with an application).

This applies even if the "old" superuser can no longer be superuser and a change occurs without removing the "old" superuser. Therefore, plan for vacation, parental leave and such so that there always is a superuser that can administrate all the projects.

Remove a user from the ELN group

Instruction on how to remove a user from the group in ELN can be found in the superuser manual or here.