Follow the vice-chancellor’s departmental visits

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During the autumn, KI’s management will join vice-chancellor Ole Petter Ottersen in visiting departments in order to meet staff and students within the organisation. Meetings with engaged members of staff, inspiring presentations of the work being carried out in departments, important issues highlighted and many healthy discussions permeate each visit. Together with explanations of the challenges facing the organisation and the measures necessary to ensure KI’s future, a foundation is being laid on which to build Strategy 2030.

Here is a selection of the impressions formed by participating staff members, along with images from each departmental visit. This page will be continuously updated with pictures and impressions from each visit as and when they take place.

"Open discussions, following on from short presentations on our part, allowed for a serious exchange of information. There was a perception of genuine interest in our points of view and the suggestions made were very positive."

“That there is no shortage of plans and ideas for the future, and good answers to concerns large and small.”

"More clear answers and structured presentation in the beginning."

"To meet head of the organisation in person and get to hear what problems different researchers face."