Fitness Reimbursement

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Karolinska Institutet aims to promote health by encouraging employees to be physically active leading to increased well being, increased work attendance, reduced occupational injuries and enhanced lifelong health. KI offers employees a fitness reimbursement of 1500 SEK/year as well as one health promotion hour/week during work time.

As the Swedish Tax Agency has announced new regulations regarding benefits for employees from January 2018, KI Health Promotion Unit is now reviewing the rules for fitness reimbursement at KI. Until a decision is made, existing rules apply. It is, however, up to the employer to decide about this benefit and what activities should be included.

Who is entitled to the reimbursement?

The benefit is offered to employees at KI, including those employed for a limited period. Affiliated researchers, grant-funded jobs or those on leave of absence or retirement pension are not entitled to the health promotion reimbursement. There are, however, a few limitations: you have to work at least 20% to be offered this benefit. A condition for receiving reimbursement is to be employed during the validity period of the exercise membership.

The reimbursement amounts to 1500 SEK for a full calendar year employment. Employees who work only during a portion of a calendar year are offered a reimbursement in proportion to the number of months of the employment period. An employment period of 3 months thus generates 3/12 of 1500 SEK, i e 375 SEK. Retroactive corrections will not be made.

Subsidised activities

Gym cards (monthly membership , punch tickets and single-entry tickets) are reimbursed with a maximum of SEK 1 500 per calendar year. Subsidized activities are aerobic physical activities, e g aerobics, gymnastics, strength training,  racquet and ball sports, swimming, climbing, dancing, martial arts and yoga.

Activities which demand expensive equipment such as golf, sailing and riding are not included, nor are treatments and passive therapies which are not considered as physical training.

How do I get the reimbursement?

To receive the fitness reimbursement you will have to register your expense in the PA-web (PRIMULA) as ”preventive health care”. Fill in and print the form, attach the receipt to the form and send it to the administrator at your department no later than 30th November the present year. The original receipt must show your name, the amount paid, the date, duration period and type of activity. If you have paid by autogiro, you must send in a copy of the bank statement and a receipt from the health club showing all the items detailed above.


Is massage a reimbursable activity?

No. Treatments and passive therapies are not reimbursable activities. KI has chosen to subsidize physical activity based on WHO guidelines and on FYSS in order to prevent sedentary work day and increase physical activity. We understand the notion that massage should be considered as a health promoting activity, but have decided to draw the line between passive and active types of activity. Regular physical training is the key to staying healthy as well as an important part in the prevention and treatment for shoulder, neck and back pain. Moreover, we believe that a gym card or equivalent will give you the most benefits of regularity.

Is it possible for the employer to subsidise competition and membership fees?

No. Competition and membership fees will not be subsidized.

I have bought a pair of running shoes. Is this expense reimbursable?

No. Expenses for clothes and shoes are taxable and thus not reimbursable.

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