Finance office

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Here you can find contact details to the Finance office.

Management and coordination

Head of office/director of finance

Eva Tegelberg

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 868 58
Organizational unit: Finance Office

Purchase and procurement

Acting Head of Procurement

Nils Emlund

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 873 79

You can contact us at More information about purchase and procurement.


David AulinKonsult
Anders DjerfProcurement officer
Nils EmlundProcurement officer
Gabriel GillnersProcurement officer
Jing GuanLegal counsel
Stefan GustafssonProcurement officer
Krister KarlavagnKonsult
Andreas LuigaKonsult
Lars NybomProcurement officer
Mariam OmeiratProcurement officer
Pernilla Petersson RahmProcurement officer
Olga PöntinenProcurement officer
David VestbergKonsult
Anne-Marie WindahlDepartment administrator


Accounting manager

Cecilia Modig

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 839 22
Organizational unit: Finance Office

You can contact us at


Paavo AhtiainenFinancial controller
Helena Derby JohanssonAccounting officer
Olle ErikssonAccounting administrator
Jonas FlorhedFinancial controller
Louise FrebyFinance administrator
Ilona HedinAccounting administrator
Charlotta KubuFinancial controller
Petter LinderborgController
Johanna LovénFinancial controller
Cecilia ModigAccounting manager

EA-service office

Head of unit

Åsa Björck

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 867 82
Organizational unit: Finance Serviceoffice

You can contact us at


Aymann AhmedFinance administrator
Markus AkcanFinance administrator
James BanguraFinance administrator
Åsa BjörckHead of unit
Eija FredinFinance administrator
Johan HäggströmFinance administrator
Zulfira Kurbanova (Föräldraledig)Finance administrator
Karolina PalmgrenSystem administrator
Athanassios PapadopoulosFinance administrator
Pershin Sadeghian SaraviFinance administrator
Natalie ThylanderFinance administrator
Karin VennströmFinance administrator
Anne-Marie WindahlDepartment administrator
Jun Yang EngqvistFinance administrator
Hania Zahra (föräldraledig)Finance administrator

Support systems

You can contact us at

Acting Head of Unit

Marith Wiedersheim-Paul

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 861 73

Marith Wiedersheim-Paul Acting Head of Unit, Systems Manager UBW
Martin Sjölund Systems Manager HR-system
Amal Velic Systems Manager IDAC
Johanna Halldén Process Manager
Josefine Nordin Support
Madeleine Hammar Support
Jan-Erik Svensson System Specialist UBW

Grants Management Office

Head of unit

Eva Björndal

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 879 64

Please contact us at More information about the financial management of EU, US and Sida projects.

Head of unit  
Eva Björndal Team Leader
Senior Financial Manager  
Evelyn Göransson Senior EU/IMI Financial Manager
Janet Jeppsson Senior Financial Manager
EU/US/Sida Financial Manager  
Beatriz Berbegal  EU Financial Manager
Maria Berglöf Stridh  EU Financial Manager - parental leave
Cecilia Byström EU Financial Manager
Rasa Cikanaviciute-Hernandez EU Financial Manager
Anna-Karin Consoli EU Financial Manager
Anna Hansson EU Financial Manager - parental leave
Ylva Hultman  EU/IMI Financial Manager
Emma Jacobsen EU Financial Manager - parental leave
Ida Kettley EU Financial Manager - parental leave
John Kjellström EU Financial Manager - konsult
Ewelina Kurczynska EU Financial Manager
Maud Kårebrand EU Financial Manager
Mira Lindner EU Financial Manager
Lisbeth Löfstrand EU Financial Manager
Raja Marhri EU Financial Manager
George Papathanasiou EU Financial Manager
Myroslav (Mira) Protsiv  EU Financial Manager
Olga Rodin EU Financial Manager - konsult
Naida Udovicic EU Financial Manager