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Direct awards

What are the conditions of making a direct award of contract?

Firstly, direct procurements are solely allowed if the value of the product or service is below 586 907 SEK. Another condition is that there has to be no existing frame agreement for that product or service. The total value of the product or service is calculated and based upon the total spending that would be made under one year.  Moreover, the contract value is as well calculated based upon the time limit of the agreement. By following the LOU regulations of documentation, direct procurements above the value 100 000 SEK are to be notified to the purchase and procurement unit for approval.  In order to make a award request, please find the direct award excel- file on the purchase and procurement’s webpage. After it has been filled in properly send it to the following e-mail address inkopupphandling@ki.se. The direct award request will be given a file number. After the process a decision will be made whether or not the direct award is approved or if further information is necessary in order to make a decision. 

What constitutes as a prohibited direct award?

Any direct award which is not in line with the regulations by the LOU is regarded as a prohibited direct procurement. Example of such are following; Direct procurements which is above the value limit. Direct procurements which occur during a certain time period, resulting in reaching above the value limit. Direct procurements made by different departments collectively resulting in exceeding the value limit. Any direct procurement of a service or product where there is already an existing frame agreement.   

How do I know the exact spending collectively made by other institutions at KI on a certain product or service?

The finance and procurement unit consist of controllers and also provides statistics. Therefore, when doing a direct procurement it becomes utter most significant to contact the unit in order to gain information on the collective spending made by KI. By doing such, you enhances your chance of making a correct direct award and avoid exceeding the value limit.  Please, contact the unit on the following e-mail address inkopupphandling@ki.se.

I want to buy a service /product from a company which has a better price compared to the existing frame agreement. Am I allowed to go through with that direct procurement?

No, by doing so you would make prohibited direct award since there is already an existing frame agreement.

I have researched and found 5 different distributors for the service/ product I need. Is it possible for me to receive different offers from these five different distributors?

This could work depending upon how low the cost is and that one has contacted the purchase and procurement unit in order to guarantee that there isn’t more departments who wishes to purchase the service/ product so the total collective value is not exceeded for direct award.   

Do the frame agreements include the specific distributor/company or is it just for the services and products of which they sell?

The frame agreements are exclusively for certain products and services. Therefore, just because a company has a frame agreement with KI, it does not recognize all the products nor services which that company distributes.

To whom and how can I give suggestions on companies which we at the different departments at KI frequently use but are not in the frame agreement?

At the purchase and procurement unit we use statistics in order to observe the frequent use of certain services and products. However, it is important to point out that it is not possible for us at the unit in any way to pressure a company to be part of a frame agreement if does not wish to do so. Nevertheless, we gladly receive any form of tips and information in regards to companies you wish to have a frame agreement with. In such way we can at the unit inform the company about upcoming ads. Please send your suggestions to the following e-mail address inkopupphandling@ki.se.

Where can I find information on demands on environmental rules and regulations in regards to procurements?

For more information please visit the National Agency for Public Procurement's website.


Is it possible to purchase an Arlanda Express ticket at the travel agency which KI has a frame agreement with?  

Unfortunately that is not possible at the moment.

Is it possible for me to book hotels abroad through the travel agency?

The travel agency has a collected amount of services. To some extents is it possible to book hotels abroad as well.  Therefore, it is always a good start to ask them the possibilities they have of booking a hotel.

Can I book an airport taxi through the travel agency?

Yes, the travel agency has all the information in regards to the frame agreements from KI.

How do I order a taxi or a flight ticket for someone other than myself?

It is possible to order a taxi or a flight for someone who does not have their own traveler profile at the agency. Then it is important to give one’s ZZcode for invoices.  The name of the person who travels , their phone number .


What do I do when the conference venue I need is not part of KI’s frame agreement?

Firstly, you should always in first hand turn to the conference venues which has a frame agreement with KI. If there is no frame agreement you can also visit the webpage avropa.se. This is the governmental webpage for all procurements.  


Where can I find the  KI frame agreements in regards to catering?

In frame agreement catalog, you can find the all the agreements, these are also categorized for you to find what you are looking for. Please use click on ”avtalskatalog” on the digital tool box on ”medarbetar portalen”.