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Between 1 February and 3 April 2018 it is possible to apply for central funding of core facilities within KI/SLL. Here you can find common questions about how to apply (only KI).

1. Where do I enter the requested amount?
Answer: Write it in line 5 "Core Facility Support 2017 – required core facility support 2019-2021".

2. How should I handle the cost of instruments?
Answer: In the budget template, enter estimated annual depreciation costs. The instruments are depreciated according to standard depreciation rules. For the years following the current announcement period, the department is responsible for remaining depreciation costs in cases where the core facility is not receiving further support. The head of department approves and is responsible for purchasing. Please note that for very expensive equipment where depreciation is expected to be five years or longer, it is important that you in the application clarify that the facility needs a longer-term financing decision. Also note that the text describes the instruments in which the depreciation cost relates.

3. Can/should I apply for funds from both KI and SLL?
Answer: No, just apply from the party that suits your operation best.

4. Are the external and internal user fees included in total revenue?
Answer: Yes, enter the total sum for all external revenue in line 6. In line 7, specify how much of the external revenue is user fees. Same principle as for internal income. That is, the total sum is filled in in line 8 and you specify how many of these are related to internal user charges in line 9.

5. What revenue should be filled in the external revenue box?
Answer: For KI's facilities, all other income that does not come from KI or from the core facility support applies.

6. Which external revenues are not classified as external user charges?
Answer: It could be VR, KAW or SciLifeLab funds for example.

7. Why is there a row for rent?
Answer: For KI's part, you should specify the estimated rental cost in the budget template. However, the rent is excluded from the total amount/sum total cost. This is because the rental compensation is calculated according to KI practices.

8. Do I have to search for the amount corresponding to total revenue costs?
Answer: No. In some cases, it may be reasonable that the amount claimed may be lower. It could be, for example, that the facility applied for funds from another source but was not notified of funding.

Further questions

Contact KI:
Mats Andersson
Ingrid Wallenstein
Lena Lewin

Contact SLL:
Kristin Blidberg
Henrik Enocsson


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